The best event center in Fort Worth

If you are considering renting an event center in the near future, you will want to read this article before you do one more thing.  It really can save you money.

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Renting an event center #1 piece of advice

Let’s not beat around the bush. Let’s get right to the point of this article.

Most reputable and desirable event centers, like Tarrant Events Center, take reservations a full-year in advance. They do this to simplify their reservation process, establishing their rental calendar as quickly as possible so as to avoid last-minute complications.

This is good news for you, the person looking to rent an event room rental, because when you rent a full year in advance, you are locked in on the rental price at the time of the rental signing, and that fact can save you hundreds of dollars.

A simple example will drive this point home.  Say you are looking at Christmas party rentals, and you made a reservation, at $2500, on January 2, 2023, for a December 22 event.  Now let’s say that between January 2nd, when that reservation is made, and December 22nd, when the party is held, the rental price is raised, on July 8th, from $2500 to $3000.  That price increase of $500 will not affect you at all, because you reserved the event space rental at the lower price, and that is the contracted and legal price for your rental.  If, however, you had made your reservation on July 9th, you would be legally bound to pay the higher rental price.

In other words, you save money by being the early worm.

Renting an event center bonus advice

And now, for some bonus advice: always ask for all-inclusive pricing when renting an event space rental. All-inclusive pricing simply means there are no hidden fees of last-minute surcharges.  You pay for the agreed upon rental fee, which is stated in the reservation contract, and not a penny more.

This may sound like we are stating the obvious but, believe us, we are not, and it is something you want to make sure is included in that rental contract before you sign it.  Nothing can blow-up a party budget like last-minute surcharges you were not aware of.

Why Tarrant Events Center?

We may be a bit biased, but we don’t think that clouds the fact that we try harder to be the best events center in the Greater Fort Worth area. We offer all-inclusive pricing. We take reservations a full year in advance. We have state-of-the-art sound and video systems, we are one of the few BYOB and BYOF event rentals in the area, and our staff simply tries harder to make your time with us memorable time.

A final word about Tarrant Events Center

Locally owned and operated, Tarrant Events Center is one of newest event centers in the Fort Worth area. Call us and speak to our leasing agent. Arrange for a tour of our facility.  We would love to show you what a quality event center looks like.