match the event center to your needs

What do you need in conference rooms for rent?  What are the qualities you are looking for in conference facilities?  This article will tell you what we believe is crucial for any venue rental. We are Tarrant Events Center, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, and quality venue rental is what we do. Give us a call and our friendly staff/leasing agents will answer your questions with a smile on their faces.

What every conference room rental needs

You should expect the following from any conference room event rental:’

  • Ample number of tables and chairs
  • Quality WiFi, audio, and video equipment
  • Capability of food preparation and/or liquor license
  • Centrally located
  • Ample parking
  • Fit in the budget

These are the basics for any conference event hall rental, so let’s look briefly at each of them.

Tables and chairs

Everyone invited to the conference should have a table to sit at and a chair to sit in. This is the minimum you should provide, and the first thing you should ask of any venue rental, but amazingly some people fail to do so. Tarrant Events Center can seat up to 135 people at tables depending on hall configuration and floor plan.  Make sure you ask about this wherever you look for venue rentals.


WiFi is a must for any conference event space rental. A quality sound system is a must, as is video monitors so everyone can see what is happening easily.  We’ve got you covered at Tarrant Events Center.  Our owner is a Fort Worth businessman of some fame, and you can bet he’s got you covered with the best in electronics for any conference.

Food and Liquor

You may not be planning on food and liquor at your conference, but it’s a nice option to have. Does the facility have a kitchen like the one you will find at Tarrant Events Center?  Can you get a liquor license for your event?


Easy access for all who attend your conference.  Tarrant Events Center is at a major intersection in Haltom City. We are literally right off the freeway, a short drive from most of Tarrant County.  People do not want to drive thirty, forty, fifty minutes to attend a conference.

Ample parking

Tarrant Events Center has parking plus overflow parking.  We have attended conferences where you had to walk blocks to attend, and we remember how annoyed we were in doing so.  We won’t make those who lease from us do the same.  Drive up to Tarrant Events Center, park, take a short stroll, and you are there.


We have no idea what your conference budget is, but our all-inclusive pricing will be up front and obvious. In fact, you can see it on our website right now, for half-day rentals or all-day rentals, and that price is etched in stone. There are no surprises with Tarrant Events Center. There are no hidden costs. What we quote on that website is what you will pay when you sign the contract. Period, end of story!

So, there you have it!  If you are in the Greater Fort Worth area, give us a call at Tarrant Events Center.  It’s the only phone call you will have to make.