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Tarrant Events Center is the premier event venue for anyone looking for a convention center in Haltom City, or looking for a quality Fort Worth convention center, or any other city in Tarrant County, and we will spend the remainder of this article explaining why we make that claim.

Call us for more information about Tarrant Events Center, located in Fort Worth, and to arrange for a tour of our fine, brand new  event room rental.

Don’t get hung up with location

Haltom City, Fort Worth, North Richland Hills, the Alliance Area, they are all within a fifteen-minute drive of each other, and to our way of thinking, a fifteen-minute drive is a small price to pay for finding the perfect Haltom City event center for your event.

Why we believe we are the best convention center

In a word, flexibility!  We offer choices to those who rent from us, and that is not always true of other event space rental.

We offer ten floor plans to choose from . . . ten, as in nine more than many other event centers!

We offer an indoor facility with over one-acre of landscaped grounds, increasing your options and giving your attendees a lovely area to take a break in and stretch those legs during breaks in the festivities/event.

We offer the freedom to arrange for whatever food, beverage, entertainment, and decoration you want. There are no contractual agreements regarding any of those things with Tarrant Events Center, and that means you save money in those negotiations with the various vendors.  We will assume that you agree with us that saving money is a good thing.

We offer you the freedom of half-day or full-day rentals. Why rent for eight hours when you only need four?  This is a luxury you will not find in many of the convention centers available in Tarrant County.

And last, but not least, we are locally owned and managed, and we believe that makes a difference. Not only do your rental fees stay in the Tarrant County area, helping the local economy, very important during these tough economic times, but you will be treated as neighbors normally treat neighbors in Texas, with respect, kindness, and a willingness to do right by you.

Can you get these things at other event centers?

That’s the question, isn’t it? Will you find all of these things, listed above, in other event centers?  Truthfully, you might find another event center which offers several floor plans.  You might find another event venue which has an outdoor area, or another which gives you the freedom to negotiate for food, drinks, entertainment, and decorations.  You might even find one which offers half-day rentals if you look hard enough.

But all of those things in one event center?  We know of no other, and we are not making that statement lightly.  We invite you to call around. We invite you to find out for yourselves. We are confident that Tarrant Events Center is the only one to offer all of those amenities, and we suspect, after you look around, you will come to us with an appreciation for all we can do for you.

Call us today! We take reservations one year in advance!