match the event center to your needs

The options for an event room rental in Fort Worth are many.  From the local Elks Lodge to the nearby school auditorium to the wedding chapel down the road, you have options!

You can find a Fort Worth event space rental for $500 per rental, and you can find an event hall rental for $10,000 per rental.  You can find one which looks like a glittery ballroom, and you can find one which looks like a kids’ playroom.

And among those many options, you can find Tarrant Events Center, what we believe to be the most user-friendly event room rental in Tarrant County.  Call us for more details, and read below for just a few reasons why we believe we are the best of the best in venue rental options.

Options in price

Our prices start at $850 and top off at $2500, depending upon half-day or full-day rentals, and which day of the week you are reserving. This puts us below average in the rental scale in the Fort Worth area. We should also point out that our pricing is convenient all inclusive pricing, meaning there are no hidden fees or surprise additions to the rental fee the day of the rental. The price you agree upon when you sign your reservation is the price you will pay, period!

Options in food, entertainment, and decoration

We do not partner with food providers, entertainment agencies, or decorators.  We like to say we don’t have a horse in that race. All we do is rent the venue. We leave it up to you to find a caterer, to find a musical band, or to find someone who will decorate for your event, and this is to your advantage.  You can find the best price possible for those items.  You can choose which food is best for your event.  You can find the best band available, and that means you can choose the ambiance and vibe of your event. We dictate nothing other than we need you to clean up when you are done.

We even have a finishing kitchen should you choose to prepare the food yourself and bring it to the event.

Options in floor plans

We have ten floor plans to choose from at Tarrant Events Center. We feel confident in saying we are unique in that respect. We have a moveable stage.  We have a stage which can be 4’x8’ in size, or 20’x20’ in size, depending upon your needs.  We have so many options available to you that, quite frankly, it must be demoralizing for other event center management teams to try to match us in options.

Options in rental times

Half-day rentals are either 8-3 or 5-closing. Full-day rentals are 8-closing.

Again, that makes us unique. Many event center options do not give you the half-day option. We believe you should pay for what you need; if you only have a four-hour event, why pay for twelve hours?

About Tarrant Events Center

We are locally owned and operated.  Our management team is standing by, eager to give you a tour of our facility and to talk to you about your particular event. We take reservations a full year in advance, so call us soon and make sure you can reserve the date you have in mind.