match the event center to your needs

Finding an event room rental in Tarrant County, or Fort Worth, seems like a rather simple task, doesn’t it?  You go out, see a few, make sure they fit within your budget, and you lay down a deposit.  You should be able to find an event hall rental in a matter of a couple days, right?

Not so fast!  Finding the perfect event space rental depends, to a great part, on the type of event you are planning.  Let’s look a bit deeper into this matter, and then you can call us with more questions. We are Tarrant Events Center, an event venue for all seasons and all ceremonies, located at 5230 Denton Highway, in Fort Worth.

What type of event are you planning?

The list of event types is as long as your arm, and would definitely include the following:

  • Birthday parties
  • Bridal showers
  • Weddings
  • Wedding receptions
  • Corporate events
  • Christmas parties

And each event requires a certain mix of amenities and venue floorspace, doesn’t it not?  To put it another way, a Christmas party venue would have certain needs and requirements that very special birthday party venues might not, correct?

This makes your search a bit more difficult under most circumstances, unless . . .

Unless you rent an all-purpose event venue like Tarrant Events Center

The list of possibilities shrinks considerably, in Tarrant County, when you are looking for all-purpose event centers, and we highly-recommend you do exactly that.  Here are the reasons why.

Tarrant Events Center is a turnkey, all-purpose event venue, meaning we can handle any type of event.  We are basically an empty space with basic amenities which apply to all types of events. We leave the specifics of the event up to you, specifics like food, entertainment, decorations, etc.

What we provide are the following:

  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • WiFi
  • Sound system
  • Six huge monitors
  • Capacity for 300
  • Ample parking
  • Outdoor venue with over one acre of landscaped property
  • Ample and overflow parking
  • Full-sized kitchen
  • Two VIP rooms off main room
  • Half-day and full-day rentals

Here’s how it works with Tarrant Events Center

You come in looking for a birthday party venue, or a corporate event venue, or a wedding reception venue.  We show you around, you ask your questions, you fall in love with the place, and you put down your deposit.  You then spend your time arranging for food preparation or delivery, lining up entertainment, and planning decorations.

The day of the event you come in early, decorate, make sure all details are taken care of, and make sure your vision is taking shape.  And you then hold the event, to your specifications, in the way you want it to happen, with no interference from us.

In other words, we give you the freedom to create the exact event you dreamed of, without worrying about any restrictions on venue use.

Give us a call!  Our leasing agent would be more than happy to do a walk-through with you to discuss your specific needs and situation.  We have no doubt that once you see Tarrant Events Center you will find it to be the perfect venue, for you, no matter what type of event you are planning.