match the event center to your needs

Any search for a Fort Worth banquet hall, or a Tarrant County banquet hall, should include a visit to Tarrant Events Center.

Period, end of discussion!

For the rest of this article, we will deliver some very sound reasons why that is a true statement.

Call us for more details!  Tarrant Events Center is located at 5230 Denton Highway, in Fort Worth, and it is waiting for you.  Small banquet halls, wedding banquet halls, birthday and corporate banquet halls, we can be anything you want us to be, anything your vision includes.

What we offer as a venue rental

More than anything else, Tarrant Events Center is all about flexibility and freedom.  We believe that your banquet should be exactly as you envisioned it. We do not believe it should be up to us to tell you how to set up, how to decorate, or what foods you should serve.

We offer a large facility, capable of holding 300 people, and we offer a variety of floor plans, one of which will match your vision.   We offer chairs, tables, a full-kitchen, a movable stage, cordless microphones, two VIP rooms, audio, six large monitors, linens, and even one-plus acres of landscaped grounds for outdoor entertaining.

But, unlike many event hall rental locations, we do not lock you into our caterers, our decorators, or our entertainment, because we don’t have any.  You can bring your own food, you can arrange for caterers, or you can choose from our trendy food truck suggestions.

Unlike many event venue locations in Fort Worth, we do not lock you into our decorators, nor do we lock you in with our entertainment.  You are free to arrange for all of that yourself, which means you can negotiate and find the best price for it all.

And . . . and this is important . . . we offer half-day and full-day rentals, meaning you only pay for the time you actually need our banquet hall.  If your banquet is only going to last four hours, why would you pay for a full-day, twelve-hour rate, like you will at some many of our competitor venues?

What are our venue room rental rates?

Our prices range from $850 to $2500, depending upon half-day or full-day rentals, and what day of the week you are renting for.  You will find those prices to be competitive and, in most cases, lower than our competition.  We are one of the newest Fort Worth/Tarrant County even room rental facilities, so we are working harder to attract you to our place.  And isn’t that what you would really want, a facility staff which works harder to make your event memorable and trouble-free?  We are the little engine that could, although we are not little and we already sit at the top of that steep hill from the children’s story.

A word about Tarrant Events Center

The name is Tarrant Events Center.  We are locally owned and operated, which means you will have Fort Worth neighbors helping neighbors, and we think that’s important.  During these tough economic times, it’s kind of nice knowing your neighbors are working hard to make your event memorable and special.