Host Your wedding reception at Tarrant Events Center in Haltom City, Texas

Who doesn’t want to save money on reception venues, right?  If you are in the process of planning a wedding/reception, this article should have your full attention.  We are Tarrant Events Center, a premier wedding/reception/event center in Fort Worth, Texas.  We know this industry and we know how to save you money. Call us at 817-996-3636 for more information.

First, though, allow us to add some clarity to this discussion: you can rarely, if ever, save money on the rental rate for the event space venue.  Those prices, whether they are $500 per night or $10,000 per night, are generally etched in stone and non-negotiable.  We are not suggesting that you shouldn’t try to negotiate a price on reception halls; we are simply saying the chances of you successfully lowering the reception hall rental price are slim.

However, the suggestions we are about to present to you will, indeed, save you money, and staying within your budget, and not emptying your savings, is always a major concern for folks, so read on.

Food, decorations, and entertainment at the reception

We are going to lump all of these into one money-saving category.  The food for a reception, the decorations for the reception, and the entertainment for a reception, the incidental costs, are areas where money can be saved, and the main way to save money is to adopt a DIY mentality.

Why pay an expensive caterer when you have friends and family who can prepare the food? Why pay for an expensive decorator when you have friends and family who can easily do the same job? And why pay for professional entertainment when everyone knows someone who can play an instrument or sing a song?  Even if you can only adopt the DIY approach to one of these categories, you can save hundreds of dollars, if not thousands.

Make sure the event room rental has a finishing kitchen, a place where food can be warmed and stored after you have prepared it.  Make sure you have ample time before the event so you can decorate, and make sure there is an adequate audio and video system so the entertainment you provide can be seen and heard from all corners of the event space.

Combine event venues into one for big savings on reception venues

An even larger savings awaits you by combining the wedding and the reception in one venue. This is not possible at many event centers, but it is possible in a few like Tarrant Events Center.  Not only do we provide a topnotch indoor event space, but we also provide one-acre of landscaped grounds, so that, in theory, the wedding could be planned for outdoors, and the reception could be planned for indoors, or vice versa.  By following this suggestion, you will literally save thousands of dollars.  Two for the price of one . . . who can pass up that deal?

Are these money-saving ideas doable for you? We believe they are.  Most event halls take reservations a full year in advance. That means you have a full year to make these ideas happen, and with proper planning you will save a large amount of money.

A word about Tarrant Events Center

Locally owned and operated, Tarrant Events Center offers ten floor plans to choose from, a finishing kitchen, all-inclusive pricing, two VIP rooms, a moveable stage, outstanding audio and video systems, and a friendly staff. Call us to arrange for a tour of our wedding/reception venues.