small reception venues

You can definitely find Hurst wedding venues in Hurst, a city of 38,000 people, but seriously, what are the odds you will find the perfect wedding venue in that city and a price you can afford?  In no way are we slamming Hurst with that statement.  We think it’s a simple numbers game. The larger the metropolitan area, the more options you have to choose from.

And one such option among affordable wedding venues in the Hurst area can be found at 5230 Denton Highway, Fort Worth, at Tarrant Events Center.  Yes, it is a fifteen-minute drive from Hurst, but we believe what we have to offer is well-worth that drive.

Call us and arrange for a tour.  If the wedding you are planning is important, and obviously it is, you really need to make that phone call.

What is your budget?

Inexpensive wedding venues are not all that common, in Hurst or in all of Tarrant County.  A quick scan of our competition finds several event hall rental, in Fort Worth, renting for over $10,000 per event.

Ten-thousand per event!!!!

We do not want to presume to know your finances, but very few citizens of Hurst, or the surrounding area, can afford to pay ten grand for a wedding venue.

Our prices range from $850 to $2500, depending upon whether you want a half-day rental or a full-day rental, and what day of the week you plan on holding your event. Weekends traditionally cost more than weekdays.

These prices are on the low end of the pricing scale for wedding venues, a fact you’ll discover if you do your research, and we encourage you to do that research. This is too important an event to rush into it without doing your due diligence.

One other point about pricing: our pricing at Tarrant Events Center is all-inclusive pricing. The quote you receive from us is good for one year, and it will not be adjusted. There are no hidden fees with us. We don’t play money games with our customers. We are upfront about pricing so you can plan accordingly with peace of mind.

What is your vision?

You must have a vision of what the perfect wedding will look like.  Everyone does!  Unlike many wedding venues, we do not have a theme at our venue. We have done no wedding decorations at our venue.  You walk in and you will see an empty space, waiting for you to transform it.  We have ten floor plans for you to choose from; we have a movable stage for added flexibility; and we have your vision to guide it all.  To put it another way, we don’t have a horse in your race. We give you the event space rental and we turn you loose to transform it into the perfect wedding ceremony.

What about a reception?

Why hold the wedding at one venue and the reception at another venue? That is terribly inconvenient for the invited guests. Tarrant Events Center has over one acre of landscaped grounds in addition to the indoor venue.  We have the room for both, and that means, worst-case scenario, you could rent a wedding venue and a reception venue, from us, for $2500, full price!

You can’t beat that price no matter how many wedding venues you look at.

Call us today and let’s get you started on the road to wedding bliss.