affordable small wedding venues should still give you value

Realistically, anyone planning a wedding has a budget while looking at wedding venues.  Very few people are rich enough to ignore the budget aspect of wedding planning.

Stated another way, about 90% of us have to stay within a budget and must be frugal whenever possible.  Complicating this budget conversation is the fact that weddings are not just about the cost of a wedding venue; they are also about the cost of reception after the wedding, the food cost, the entertainment cost, the cost of decorations and gowns and, and, and . . . well, you get the picture.

With that in mind, we are presenting some money-saving ideas for those looking to save money in their quest for an affordable wedding in affordable wedding venues.

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Now, let’s talk about saving you money!

Combine the wedding and reception in the same event venue

Why do most people rent an event hall rental for the wedding, and another event space rental for the reception, thus doubling the rental cost? Because the wedding venue is not suitable for the party/celebration afterwards.

But, what if you could find a place like Tarrant Events Center, a wonderfully-romantic wedding venue plus over one-acre of landscaped grounds for an outdoor wedding reception?  Two for the price of one, and any old way you slice it, two-for-one is means money saved.  Or, for those of you who only grasp figures, $2000 for a full-day, more than enough time for a wedding plus a reception, or $2000 for the wedding venue plus $2000 for a separate reception venue . . . totaling $4000!

Which sounds better to you?

You do the decorations

If you really want to save money on your wedding/reception, adopt a DIY attitude.  You do not need a party planner, and you do not need a professional party decorator.  You have more than enough relatives and friends, and they will all be willing to help you in preparing for this shindig.

You provide the food

Do you really need a 5-Star chef to prepare food for your wedding reception? How about a food truck? How about you prepare the food? How about Grandma preparing it? How about your college roommate who owes you big-time for that favor you did for her years ago?

You provide the entertainment

You can hire a professional DJ.  You can hire a cover band.  Or you can ask your friends or relatives for recommendations. Get creative.  Everyone knows someone who can serve as a DJ, or someone who can perform at your reception with some background guitar or piano.  Heck, call your local community college and hire some aspiring musician who is looking for some work.  Many of them are not professionals but they are still very good.

Add it all up and huge savings are yours

By adopting that DIY attitude, and by combining the wedding and reception into one location, you can literally save thousands of dollars, and who doesn’t want to save thousands of dollars?

A word about Tarrant Events Center

We are the new kids on the block in the Fort Worth rental scene, and that means we will work harder to make your experience a memorable one. Call us and ask about our ten floor plans, moveable stage, finishing kitchen, and other outstanding options we provide.  We have what you need if what you need are wedding venues you can afford.