event center near me

Looking for party rooms for rent near me is only the first step towards throwing a fun and entertaining party.  Heck, there are dozens of party rooms within a stone’s throw of where you are, but finding one which perfectly matches your party needs is a bit trickier.  We can help with this article. We are Tarrant Events Center, out of Fort Worth, Texas, and we are pretty confident the information we provide in this article can help you find a venue rental no matter where you are located.

But if you are in Fort Worth, Texas, for God’s sake give us a call! We can save you having to do a whole lot of searching for the perfect party room rentals.

What is a party room?

Right off the bat we have a problem with definitions.  A party room can pretty much be anywhere a party can take place, so that leaves you with far too many choices. You could have a party in a 1,000 square foot storage room if you had a hankering.  You could have a party in a church reception room, but that would severely limit the amount of fun you could have.

So the party hall rentals must match the type of party you are going to have, and it must have the capacity to handle your guest list.

Let’s look at Tarrant Events Center to give you something to compare with when you call around.

We can handle a party event for between 10-275 people. We have a banquet seating capacity for 100 people. We have auditorium seating for 135 people. We also have one-acre of property outdoors for overflow or for milling around for a breath of fresh air.

We advertise our facility as an event venue because we can handle any sort of event.  Birthday party? Check!  Corporate event space? Check! Quinceanara venues? Check!  You name it and we can handle it, but be forewarned: that is not the case with all venue rentals.

What do they provide and what do you provide?

Not all party venues are the same. Not all provide the same things. This is something most people do not understand. Heck, the average person may only rent a party venue once in their lifetime, so obviously they don’t know what they are getting for their money.

Do not assume anything. Find out what you get for your rental fee. The absolute least you should get are tables, chairs, linens, WiFi, and a sound system.  If they do not provide those things, end the phone call.

The big difference between party hall rentals is in the amount of amenities they provide.  Do they have a staff which includes a chef? Do they have a bartender? Do they provide entertainment? Do they have a set-up and take-down crew? Most rentals have none of those things, which most people do not realize.  For most rentals, the renting party must arrange for food, drinks, entertainment, and other amenities.

The bottom line

The bottom line is this: find a party venue rental which has a management team you can work with.  A professional management team, like the one at Tarrant Events Center, will work closely with you to make sure all of your needs are meant.