Party space rental at Tarrant Events Center Haltom City, TX

For those who have never hit the pavement looking for the perfect party space rental, this article is for you, a simple checklist to help you organize your approach and hit upon the absolutely perfect party room rental.

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Now, that checklist!

Access/Audio Visual

When can you arrive for set-up for your event? What kind of audio equipment is available? What kind of sound system does the event hall rental have?  Is there good line-of-sight around the entire event room rental?


Is there room for a delivery truck to maneuver?  Are there rolling doors for the easiest access? What time can deliveries arrive before the party?

Ample parking plus overflow

One of the unwritten rules of party planning is you can never have enough parking. Check your RSVP list, plan on one vehicle per person to be safe. That’s how many parking spaces you will need . . . and then plan for more on top of that. The absolute worst thing you can have is a situation where party attendees must park somewhere else and walk to the event in scorching heat or a winter downpour.


This is all about ambiance and vibe. What do you want your party to feel like? What do you want it to look like? Can you achieve those things in the party space rentals you are looking at?  There is only so much decorating a party event planner can do; at least part of the ambiance must be provided by the actual physical space.

Food, beverage, entertainment, decorations

Who is responsible for the food preparation, the beverage serving, the entertainment, and the decorations? Ideally you, the party planner, can freely hire anyone you want for those things. We say “ideally” because some events center require you to choose from their preferred list of food providers or decorators.  Make sure you are very clear on this. The more freedom you have, the better price you can arrange, and the better chance you will be able to achieve your vision for a price you can afford.

Power, electrical, WiFi

This is one of those considerations many people gloss over, just assuming there will be enough power and strong enough WiFi signals for the party they are planning.  You are encouraged to ask about this before signing a rental agreement.

Floor plans

Places like our Tarrant Events Center have options. We have ten floor plans to choose from, plus a moveable stage.  The more options you have, the more likely you are to achieve your goals in setting up for the party.


Flexibility is the key in matching vision to reality.  The more options you have, the better. Rigidity in planning is your enemy.  This is your party. It is your vision.  Any event center manager who will not work with you is not an event center manager you want to work with.

A word about Tarrant Events Center

Call us if you are planning a party in the Fort Worth area. We are locally owned and operated, and we offer great flexibility for those looking to host a party.