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Planning a wedding during normal times i.e. finding a wedding venue, arranging for food and beverages, arranging for music and decorations, is a difficult undertaking.  Planning a wedding during COVID can be ultra-difficult and will require a few more precautions/preparations.  This article should give you some things to think about as you ponder the wedding planning process in 2021/2022.

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Short checklist for any wedding, anytime

  • Determine your wedding budget
  • Determine your vision of the wedding
  • Set a date and reserve the wedding venue as early as possible
  • Negotiate, negotiate, and negotiate some more

There are quite a few event venues in any city of any size. We mention that because you should not adjust your budget depending upon the cost of a wedding venue. Stick to your budget and find a place which fits within your budget.

The same can be said about your vision of the wedding. This is one of the most important events of your life. Do not adjust that vision to meet the event space.  You need to keep looking until you can find an event room which will allow enough flexibility to match your needs.

Once you find such a place, reserve it early.  Places like Tarrant Events Center take reservations a full year in advance, and at our venue we lock in the price a full year in advance, all inclusive pricing it is called, with no hidden fees.

Regarding food, drinks, and entertainment, negotiate with individual vendors to find the best price.  At Tarrant Events Center, we can give you suggestions for caterers or food trucks, but the final decision is up to you. We even have a finishing kitchen in case you want to prepare the food yourself.

Additional tasks because of COVID

  • Plan number of attendees according to COVID protocols
  • Arrange for sterilizing everything prior to people arriving
  • Make masks available
  • Set-up according to six-foot spacing
  • The more room the better
  • Have wedding and reception in the same event center

Our suggestion, playing it ultra-safe, find a venue with a capacity for double the number of attendees you are planning on. In other words, using Tarrant Events Center for an example, we can accommodate up to 250 people for an event.  At most, for a wedding, we would then suggest you limit your attendees to no more than 125, preferably less than 100 to play it safe.

Another nice feature of Tarrant Event Center, we not only have our event room rental, but we also have over one-acre of landscaped grounds, so you actually double the amount of space for attendees to spread out, walk about, and keep social distancing.

And why not have the wedding and reception at the same location? You’ll save money by doing so, and you’ll only have to sanitize one event room rather than two.

A word about Tarrant Events Center

Call us! We are locally owned and operated, we offer ten floor plans to choose from, and we are motivated to make your wedding and reception a huge success, even during the trying times of COVID.  Yes, the pandemic has complicated our lives, but that doesn’t mean your wedding can’t be a huge success despite the challenges.