Finding a private party room for rent, which fits your needs, from among all the party room rentals in your area, is only half of your problem.

Decorating that venue rental, and making it match your vision, is the second half of your problem.

We can help you on the Road to Success. We are Tarrant Events Center, Fort Worth born and raised, and what we know about event space rental in Fort Worth will definitely apply to your own situation, wherever you reside.  Give us a call and let’s discuss your situation.

Guidelines to follow:

  • Vision
  • Size
  • flexibility

Finding a party venue rental

Vision: The first-half of your problem is actually finding a party space rental which matches your vision, so obviously the first step is to have a vision. What do you want the party venue to look like? Would you like an indoor venue, an outdoor venue, or a combination of both with options?

Size: How large a venue do you need?  How many are on your guest list?  Our rule of thumb is take the guest list and plan for the absolute number, 100%.  Chances are all invitees will not show, but you have to assume they will.

Flexibility:  What do you have planned? Can the venue site be temporarily altered to meet your vision? Does it have the rooms to match your needs?  In other words, does the venue have options?  Any party needs options.  Any event needs flexibility.

Decorating the private party room

Once you’ve found your venue, it is now time to transform it into your party vision.

Will you need any of the following?:

  • caterers
  • party planners
  • food trucks
  • music
  • decorators

You can, of course, hire out to have all of this provided.  Some party venues will have some of these services as part of their contract.  And some venues, like Tarrant Events Center, assume, and rightfully so, that you can do a much better job of decorating and preparing, at a much lower price, than any package we might toss at you. That is why we are a turnkey event hall rental.  We rent our space and that is it.  Included in that are the basics for any private party, including:

  • tables
  • linens
  • chairs
  • WiFi
  • Indoor/outdoor option
  • Audio equipment/system
  • Video monitors
  • Cordless mikes
  • Parking and overflow parking

And we leave the rest up to you.  You can find a much better price on caterers and planners and DJ’s if you negotiate on your own.  Heck, you can do the catering and decorating yourself and save even more money.  Our very reasonable rental rate covers the basics and leaves the creativity and money-saving up to you.

That’s how we rock n roll at Tarrant Events Center, serving the Greater Fort Worth area.  You may or may not find a better price than we offer, but you sure won’t find the flexibility and professionalism which is all part of our service for party venues in Fort Worth.

Give us a call! We deal in making dreams and special occasions a reality.