outdoor garden wedding venues

If you are considering outdoor wedding venues for your upcoming event, you will want to read this article first for an in-depth look at the outside wedding venues option.  We are Tarrant Events Center, serving the Greater Fort Worth Metro area with our outstanding event center. Call us at 817-996-3636 for more information about renting a wedding venue, and to arrange for a tour of our event space rental.

Now, the pros and cons of outdoor wedding venues.

The pros of outdoor wedding venues

Outdoor wedding venues are beautiful.  There is no denying this fact. Many are staged with fabulous views, or staged in an area which provides outstanding ambiance.  On a lakeshore, in the middle of a stunning English garden, in the backyard of a Victorian home, by the edge of a river, these are scenes out of a fairy tale, and they are scenes most people envision when they are dreaming of the perfect wedding.  There is no doubt that outdoor wedding venues are unmatched for beauty.

Other than that natural beauty, outdoor wedding venues also offer ease of accessibility, and they offer the guests in attendance an opportunity to mill around, stretch their legs, and breathe in some fresh air during what is often a very long event.

The cost of outdoor wedding venues may, or may not, be higher than indoor wedding venues, which means the cost generally is not a huge factor.  It is, without a doubt, the beauty of the outdoors which leads most people to choose this option.

The cons of outdoor wedding venues

We can sum up the cons of outdoor wedding venues in two words: Mother Nature!

A sudden windstorm. A sudden hailstorm. A sudden rainstorm. A sudden infestation of black flies, or mosquitoes, or ants.  A sudden heatwave. A sudden cold snap. There are endless nightmare scenarios which are well within the realm of possibility when planning an outdoor wedding, and none of them can be avoided on a short notice . . . and when renting a wedding venue, there is no such thing as a short notice.

And, there is no such thing as predicting the weather, not when you need to reserve the wedding venue months in advance.

There may be other cons regarding outdoor wedding venues, but in our professional opinion, the vast majority of cons are related to the fickle nature of Mother Nature.

An easy solution which will satisfy everyone

The solution is so simple we are amazed more event planners have not thought of it: rent a wedding venue which offers indoor AND outdoor options, a wedding venue like our own Tarrant Events Center, which as a classic, indoor event hall rental, but in addition over an acre of landscaped grounds attached. This solution gives you the option of an indoor wedding, or the option of an outdoor wedding, an option which can be decided upon once the vagaries of Mother Nature are determined.  And, it also gives you the option of holding the wedding, and reception, both at the same location, thus saving the rental fee of two event rentals.

Such a very simple solution for all concerned!

A final word about Tarrant Events Center

Tarrant Events Center is locally owned and operated, just Texans helping Texans. Call us and arrange for a tour of our event space rental. We would love to help you prepare for your upcoming big event, and show you how indoor wedding venues, and outdoor wedding venues, can both be held at the same location.