tips on how to save money when renting an event center

We highly recommend that you find and negotiate with vendors when planning a wedding, rather than allowing the wedding venue management team to provide them for you.  One reason for this is to save money; the other main reason is to make sure your vision of the wedding is attained.

Read on for more information about wedding vendors and their role in a wedding. We are Tarrant Events Center of Fort Worth, one of the premier wedding ceremony venues in Fort Worth and Tarrant County. Call us for more information and to arrange for a tour of our event space rental.

What are wedding vendors?

For the sake of this “conversation,” we will limit the vendor discussion to food/drink vendors, entertainment vendors, and decorators. There are others you may consider, but these are the main ones usually considered.

Most event room rental simply rent the event room.  They do not have caterers or bartenders working under contract with their facility. Those incidentals are usually up to the party planner, or the wedding planner, to take care of.

A short list of possible vendors would include food trucks, a catering company, a bakery, a bartender, or a party decorating firm.

Why not allow the wedding venue team to arrange for vendors?

The main reason you don’t want the wedding venue team to take care of contacting vendors is because you will be paying them additional funds to do that for you. Why pay a middle man for a job you can easily do yourself?  The other reason is a matter of understanding/staying true to the vision.  The venue team may not have the same vision as you, or they may misunderstand your vision. Don’t complicate things by delegating such an important chore. Take care of vendors yourself and save headaches, and money, down the road.

Do the job yourself and save!

You have options

There are countless options with regards to vendors, literally hundreds to choose from.  Let’s use food for an example.  You can arrange for caterers to prepare the food for you.  You can arrange for upscale food trucks to deliver gourmet food.  You can prepare the food yourself.

You can hire a professional mixologist as a bartender.  You can hire your Uncle Fred to serve as a bartender.

You can hire a professional decorator, or you can call in favors and have your best friend take charge of the decorations.

You have options!

About Tarrant Events Center

Tarrant Events Center provides you with options, and then we turn you loose to make your wedding dream a reality. We offer ten floor plans. We have indoor and outdoor facilities. We offer half-day and full-day rentals.  We have a moveable stage of varying sizes. We have six huge video monitors, WiFi, and a choice of table-types.

Have your wedding indoors at Tarrant Events Center, and your wedding reception outdoors on our one-plus acre of landscaped grounds.

You have options!

Call us and let’s arrange for you to tour our event space rental.  At that time you can ask all of your questions and begin the process of planning an wondrous wedding event.