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If you have never tried to rent a banquet hall, and your initial research into pricing has you confused, this article is for you.  We will attempt to cut through the confusion and provide some clarity so you can make an informed decision in your event center rental.

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The initial banquet hall price (the one advertised)

The confusion about event room rentals begins with the price advertised.  This is the price most people see in ads, and it is the price most people associate with when they begin the search process.  But it doesn’t tell the whole picture, and it is the whole picture one should be concerned with when planning a banquet.

It goes something like this:  Santa Clara Banquet Hall, only $1250 per event!  Straight to the point, clear price, now we’re talking, right?  That’s a price you can use to compare with other event centers, exactly the sort of thing one needs in making comparisons.

But not so fast!  There’s more to muddy the waters with.  Let’s start with the duration of that rental.  How long do you have the banquet hall for?  Six hours?  If so, you are paying about $208 per hour.  Ten hours? Now you’re paying $125 per hour.  How long do you need the banquet hall?  Is there a surcharge if you need it longer than their standard time frame?

But, there’s more!

Beware of secondary costs not mentioned in banquet hall pricing

A banquet wouldn’t be a banquet without table linens, without food, without decorations, and without a sound system for the banquet hosts.  Are those included in the banquet hall price?  If not, will they provide those things for an additional cost, or do you have to rent those items from a secondary source?  Do not assume for a second that those things are part of the rental price, because with many banquet rentals/party room rentals, they are not.  And, also, beware if they are included; for example, if they offer the services of their own chef, what are you going to pay for that, and can that chef provide the type of food you want at your banquet?

Take control of those secondary costs

You are always better off if you can control the secondary costs associated with a banquet rental.  You can always save money by shopping around for a caterer/chef, by providing your own linens, and by providing your own decorations.  It is the only way to avoid surcharges which are not mentioned in the base rental price.

Look for all-inclusive pricing for ultimate clarity

Finally, to cut through all confusion, ask for all inclusive pricing. This means there are no hidden costs, there are no additional surcharges, and there are no last-minute pricing surprises.  It means the price you agree upon, when signing the rental contract, is the price you will pay for . . . period!  If the banquet hall manager will not agree to all inclusive pricing, move on to the next banquet hall on your list.

There is no way to avoid the cost of renting a banquet hall, but that does not mean you have to fall prey to hidden costs.  Hopefully, this article gives you an idea of what to look for, and ask for, when looking to rent a banquet hall.

A word about Tarrant Events Center

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