Stop that search for wedding banquet halls right now.  Until you read this article, we don’t want you looking at one more venue rental online.

We are Tarrant Events Center, serving the Greater Fort Worth, Texas, area, and what we have to share with you in this article is going to save you a great amount of searching and headaches.

Don’t bother thanking us. This is what we do, helping people to achieve their dreams in an event space rental.

You have several things to consider before you start looking at “wedding reception venues.”  Those things include the following:

  • Logistics
  • Pricing
  • Ambiance
  • Amenities

Let’s take a look at each of these.

The logistics of the venue rental

In a perfect world, your wedding banquet and/or reception will be centrally-located so it is easy for guests to travel to it.  As charming as a mountain lodge might be, it is still a three-hour drive for the guests, and we promise you some guests will decline their invitation if the location is out-of-the-way.  This is a hurry-up world.  People are busy.  The less drive time the better in this modern world.

Something else to consider: is it terribly important to you what the exterior of the venue hall looks like? Or is it important what kind of neighborhood it is located in? You can save yourself a lot of searching simply by answering those questions before you search.

The cost of a wedding banquet hall

You can pay $300 for a wedding banquet hall.  You can pay $10,000 for a wedding banquet hall.  How is your budget looking and what can you afford?

This price issue gets a little tricky, so pay attention here.  Our own Tarrant Events Center is a turnkey venue, meaning we supply the basics like the venue, tables, chairs, and linens.  You take care of the catering, decorations, and entertainment.  Because of that, our price is very reasonable.

Some venues have “hidden costs” i.e. catering service, set-up, take-down fee, etc.

Know what you are paying for!

The Desired Ambiance

Everyone who plans one of these events has a vision of what they want it to look like. What is your vision, and can that vision be realized at special event venues and for how much?  Again, our suggestion is to rent a venue like Tarrant Events Center and then create your own ambiance at a lower cost.


If you have a tight budget, and in today’s economy that would include 90% of those reading this, you need to shave costs.  You can do that by supplying all of the amenities yourself rather than paying professionals to supply them.  You can literally save thousands of dollars by negotiating with vendors and entertainers, rather than having the event venue do it for you.  Again, rent from a place like Tarrant Events Center, basically a blank space waiting for occupancy, and then make that space sparkle with your own personal touch.

Can we help you?  Even if you don’t live in Fort Worth, the experts at Tarrant Events Center can share their expertise with you.  And if you are in Fort Worth, your search for wedding banquet halls has just ended with Tarrant Events Center.