Looking for “wedding venues near me” is a bit like looking for one particular tree in Yellowstone National Park.  Any site can be a wedding ceremony venues with a little imagination, so our first suggestion is to narrow down your search parameters a bit and be more specific.

We have a lot of suggestions on this topic, as you might suspect, us being Tarrant Events Center,serving the Greater Fort Worth area.  This article will provide a few of those suggestions from our turnkey location in Fort Worth, Texas, serving areas like Fort Worth, Watauga, Arlington, the Alliance Area, Haslet, Westlake, and Southlake.

Narrow it down a bit for your venue rental search

What specifically do you want in a wedding venue? Do you want to look at outdoor wedding venues? Do you want to look at  indoor wedding venues? Do you want an inexpensive wedding venue, or an affordable wedding venues?

Do you want a theme wedding? Do you want a small wedding?  Do you like a natural setting or an indoor extravaganza?

What is your budget?

You can literally find a wedding venue which will cost you absolutely nothing.  We know people who have married in public parks at no cost.  We also know people who have paid thousands of dollars for the use of an art museum or a castle in England.  So we begin with the question “what is your budget,” followed closely by “how much of that budget do you want to spend on an event venue?

For the sake of this article we are going to assume you are looking at traditional wedding venues, since that is true of most online venue searches.  Even so, you are going to be facing a wide range of costs for a traditional event space rental.

Event space rental options

The cost of wedding venues jumps all over the price spectrum depending on the demand of a particular venue, and the amenities included with the venue.  A site in high demand will cost you more than a site usually not considered a wedding venue, like a VFW Hall or school gymnasium.

Regarding amenities, wedding venues like the Tarrant Events Center are turnkey venues, meaning you can literally walk in and hold an event with a minimum of fuss. Table, chairs, audio/visual equipment, WiFi, the basics are provided, leaving you to negotiate for amenities with other vendors.  This means a lower price for the venue compared to a venue which also charged you for caterers, a DJ, and other amenities.

Our recommendation: you sign a contract with a venue like the Tarrant Events Center.  One reasonable cost for the venue, and then you are left to negotiate the best deal you can with food vendors and entertainment vendors. It really is the best approach to planning a wedding and making it work within your event budget.  Your wedding should be special.  It should not be marred by extravagant prices, going into debt before the marriage even begins.

Plan early, plan smartly, and look at many options.  If you plan far enough in advance, finding the perfect, affordable wedding venue is not that difficult.