Audio Video Tech Specs

TEC has an installed an Audio and Distributed Video system that will allow you to present your audio/video content on any or all of the (6) 65” TV’s, or through the speaker/sub-woofer system.


Audio System

  • Distributed performance loudspeaker system with (2) 18” sub-woofers.
  • Portable Audio Equipment rack that can be connected to the system in (2) locations; the center column, or behind the stage wall. Note: audio from video is available at only the center column position.
  • The equipment rack contains:
    • A 16 ch Yamaha mixer with effects
    • Two wireless mic systems that can be used either as a handheld systems or Bodypack Lav systems
    • Connection for a music source via a supplied 1/8 connector.  Note if planning on using an apple product you will need to supply the apple to 1/8 dongle to connect to the system

Video system

  • (10) 65” TVs; (4) in the main room and one in each of the VIP breakout areas. The TV’s all receive/broadcast the same signal.  This signal can come from either the house cable TV system or a client provided laptop via a connection located at the stage (1920×1080 resolution). Large LED TVs for your video

Further audio video needs can be provided through our relationship with a production rental house on an a la carte basis.  They can provide cameras, video switchers, streaming systems, lighting packages and  engineers to allow for a worry-free show, as desired.