Looking for party room rentals is a bit like looking for one specific tree in a vast forest.  Your options with party venues are almost endless in any city the size of Fort Worth, or any area the size of Dallas/Fort Worth.  What you need is a game plan. What you need is our guidance. We are Tarrant Event Center, and venues in Fort Worth rentals is our business.  We can help you, but you have to give us a call to make it happen.

Let’s begin with the basics

And the basics include the following information:

  • Budget
  • Needs
  • Location
  • Date
  • Flexibility

Any search for any event space rental must begin with that information.


We are going to suggest to you right now that you stick to your budget.  If you have very little to spend on a event room rental, then don’t spend more than you have.  There are too many rentals out there to choose from, so you don’t need to break the bank.  You can go with cheap banquet halls for rent for a couple hundred bucks, or ultra-expensive for a few thousand.


Break it down: what do you need. What must you have? Not what do you want, but what do you need?  You’ll need tables.  You’ll need chairs.  You’ll need a sound system.  That pretty much concludes the items you need from a party room rental. Anything other than that you can provide by yourself if push comes to shove, and you can probably provide for it for less money. We recognize that at Tarrant Event Center.  We provide a venue rental which will serve from 10-275 people, we provide the basics, and then leave the rest up to you.


We cannot say this enough: centrally-located! If you want people to attend this party, you need to make it easy to access.  And you also need parking. And you also should have indoor and outdoor facilities/areas, like we do at Tarrant Event Center.


Repeat after us: in-season can be expensive; off-season can be less-expensive!


The more you are willing to do yourself, the more money you will save in planning this party.  If you are willing to shop around for music and entertainment; if you are willing to decorate the party; if you are willing to arrange for food; if you are willing to do all of those things yourself, you will cut your expenses down to a very manageable figure.  In other words, do not pay someone for something you can do yourself, if money is an issue at all.

About Tarrant Event Center

We are locally owned and operated. We have an indoor venue plus a one-acre outdoor venue. We have parking plus overflow parking.  We have a 10,000 Watt sound system, six 50” monitors, cordless mikes, a finished kitchen, tables, chairs, and linens.  That is what you get when you rent from Tarrant Event Center. We leave the rest up to you, thus keeping the event hall rental price down.

We repeat: we are locally owned and operated, which means we are eager to help our neighbors. Give us a call and end your search for party room rentals in the DFW Megaplex.

All Inclusive Pricing

Food Services Include BYOF, Food Trucks, or Caterer of Your Choice

1+ Acre Shaded Grassy Area for Outdoor Events


Rent our venue for your wedding event of 50-300 people.

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