Customizable, open areas and lots of flexibility in planning make each event – no matter what the size – perfectly fit within the venue. There is no “one-size-fits-all” attitude here; you have the ability to customize the room’s layout, select the right equipment for your particular event and have the room set according to your specifications. From standard banquet tables to cocktail tables and beyond, you have the choice of tables, chairs and equipment along with a variety of setup styles to suit your event.

Wedding Reception

Wedding & Reception Style Layout 1

Approx. 50-75 people

Reception Small

Reception Style Layout 2

Approx. 75 people

Reception Large

Reception Style Layout 3

Approx. 220 people

Seminar & Lunch

Seminar & Lunch Layout 4

Approx. 50-75 people


Tradeshow Layout 5

Approx. 300 people

Small Party

Small Party Or Luncheon Layout 6

Approx. 40-75 people


Theatre Layout 7

Approx. 150-200 people