What do the most affordable wedding venues have in common?

Three things:

  • They match your vision
  • They match your budget
  • They provide flexibility

We should know.  We own and manage Tarrant Events Center, a leader among venues in Fort Worth, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, and our location is visionary, inexpensive, and flexible in design.  If you don’t live in the Fort Worth area, read on to find out what you should be looking for.  If you do live in Fort Worth, or Arlington, or North Richland Hills, Watauga, or the Alliance Area, check us out sooner rather than later.

Match your vision

It’s your wedding.  You’ve been imagining it for years.  If you are lucky it’s the only wedding you will participate in.  What does it look like? What does the perfect wedding with you included look like?  To borrow from the movie “Field of Dreams,” if you build it, it will happen. Well we are suggesting that you build the perfect wedding in your mind, and then make it happen in reality with a quality wedding ceremony venues.

Match your budget

If you are like most people, you do not have an unlimited budget for a wedding venue or wedding celebration, so you have been doing Google searches for cheap wedding venues and affordable wedding venues.

But we have a secret to tell you: the best wedding venues at the best price are only found through hard work and a great imagination.  Allow us to explain.

Number one: start your search early!  Number two, look for a turnkey event space rental like the Tarrant Events Center, a leader among wedding venues DFW.  What you want is a place where the basics are provided at a reasonable, flat fee. What you don’t want is to pay an “all in one” rental fee which includes caterer and decorations as well as the event space.

Money is saved by renting the event hall rental and then negotiating with amenity vendors for the best price.

Provide flexibility

Perhaps the best advice we can give to anyone planning a wedding is to be flexible.  You have a multitude of options to choose from.  Pool the imaginations of several people and come up with inexpensive ways to match your vision.  Call a local junior college and see if they have a cooking class which would like some firsthand experience.  Determine a theme for your wedding and then look at affordable options which fit that theme i.e. country western theme may mean help from the 4H Club in your area.

Tarrant Events Center has faith in your imagination. We simply rent you the event venue.  We provide chairs, tables, indoor and outdoor space, audio/visual equipment, and ample parking.  We believe you are fully capable of planning a kick-butt wedding without our interference. If you should need a list of caterers  or food trucks, we can provide them for you.  If you need suggestions for a DJ, we can do that too, but we leave those negotiations to you.  Our job is to provide the best venue rental to you. We leave the imagination to you and your friends.

Remember the name, Tarrant Events Center . . . visionary, inexpensive, and flexible!