Any article about cheap banquet halls begs the obvious question: what does “cheap” mean?

If you have a $5,000 budget for your banquet, and you find a banquet hall for $3,000, is that then cheap?  But if you have a budget of $1,000, cheap takes on a whole different meaning.

Take a deep breath and relax.  The good news: it is entirely possible to find a cheap banquet hall for as little as $100.  It is also entirely possible to find one for a thousand or more.  You have options. This article can help you in your search, and it is brought to you by the folks at Tarrant Events Center, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, a trusted name in event venue rental.

Save Money on Banquet Hall Rental With These Suggestions

All of these may not apply to your particular situation, but even a couple of them can save you money:

  • If it’s a wedding, have the ceremony and reception at the same place. Pick a venue that can handle both, like a church with a hall attached, so that you won’t have to pay two rental fees or for transportation between locations.  Venues like Tarrant Events Center can easily handle both events.
  • Trim the guest list.With fewer guests, you could get a smaller space.
  • Approach “blank spaces” carefully. Locations that require you to bring everything in yourself — like tables, chairs and audio equipment — can get expensive. Calculate how much it would cost to rent or buy everything you need versus choosing a place that provides the basics.  At Tarrant Events Center, we supply tables, chairs, and audio equipment, but that is not always the norm with an event center.
  • Pay with a credit card. Depending on the type of card you have, you might earn cash back, rewards or travel points that you can put toward the honeymoon or recouping some of the costs. Use cards responsibly, and don’t spend more than you can afford to repay.
  • Take your time. Thoroughly research options and compare prices to find a venue you love that fits into your budget. Tarrant Events Center works with each individual and their budget.
  • Start Early. The earlier you begin your preparations, the better.  The banquet hall business is a highly-competitive industry.  Any city of any decent size will have numerous options for you to choose from, and the earlier you start the search, the better your chances of finding affordable event venues near me.


Various Options For An Event Space Rental

Saving money might be as easy as expanding your imagination regarding options.  Consider the following as possible banquet hall venues:

  • An actual event space like Tarrant Events Center which offers a very reasonable base rental price
  • A church
  • A school
  • A private home
  • Backyard banquet
  • Small town venue vs large city


What is the advantage of renting an actual event space like Tarrant Events Center? 

Events are our business.  While a church may have a space available, they have no expertise to share with clients.  For a professional event in a professional event space, turn to the pros who do this for a living.


Tarrant Events Center asks this question: What Is Your Priority For A Banquet Hall?

You need to ask this question in planning for a large banquet.  You do not want to pay for something you do not want or need.  It is rarely the cost of the event space rental which breaks the budget, but usually the cost of incidentals and amenities, so pare down your wish list and search for exactly what you need and nothing more.

For more information or helpful tips about finding an event venue, talk to the folks at Tarrant Events Center. We have the answers you need.

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