Reception halls for rent

We know a thing or two about company party venues because we’ve hosted quite a few for our own company as well as company parties for many companies in the Fort Worth area. We are Tarrant Events Center, and this article will help you to choose from among the many event room rentals in your area.  Call us for clarification or to inquire about renting an event space venue for your company party.

What we know about company parties

Without sounding flippant, we know this about company parties:

  • You need good booze
  • You need good food-beverage
  • You need a venue away from your company headquarters
  • You need a venue which is easy to get to
  • You need flexibility in the event center for all manner of activities

You get all of that and more from Tarrant Events Center.  Let’s go over each of these features-benefits with a little more clarification.

Good drinks

What’s a company party without a little alcohol.  Tarrant Events Center allows BYOB.  If you want a bartender, we can give you a list of bartenders we have worked with in the past. We even have a separate VIP space where you can set up your bar if you want.

Good food

Tarrant Events Center does not lock you in on a specific food choice. We offer BYOF.  You can go with food trucks. You can go with a caterer. We have a finished kitchen, so you have options, and options are always good for party planning.

A venue separate from your company

No one wants to party where they work. That rule is unwritten but as true today as it was one-hundred years ago.  You want to find a party venues rental which is centrally-located for all of your employees, and you want ample parking plus overflow parking.  These people have worked hard for you. The least you can do for them is make the party venue a fun place away from work.

Easy access

Tarrant Events Center is conveniently located at the conjunction of Denton Highway and Loop 820 in Haltom City.  It is easily accessed by all of Tarrant County.  A party at Tarrant Events Center is a party easy to get to for all concerned.

Flexibility in design

We have no idea what you have planned for your company party, so we have designed an event hall rental which can handle any type of party.  We have a quality sound system at your disposal. We have a moveable stage. We have cordless microphones and a quality video system which includes six-50” monitors. We have overhead doors for easy load-in and load-out in case you want to bring some elephants into the space.  If you can imagine it, we can be it at Tarrant Events Center.

The bottom line about company party venues

It’s your party! Your employees worked hard, and they deserve a fun time.  You need to rent a venue which will allow you to get the most out of that party experience.

Tarrant Events Center will work with you to make your company party one to remember. Give us a call and let’s start planning that party.