Birthday party venues come in all shapes and sizes.  They come with all manner of amenities. They come with a variety of rules, do’s and don’ts.  And they come with various price tags attached to them.

So how does a person choose from among them all?  How do you choose the perfect party room rentals for your birthday boy or girl?

We can help you with this article, and if you are in the Fort Worth area, we can help you by calling Tarrant Events Center.  We reckon we know a thing or two about party venues, so give us a call, or drive by and take a look at the intersection of Denton Highway and Loop 820 in Haltom City.

Things to consider when choosing the event center

The main considerations when choose from among party venues are the following:

  • Price
  • Location
  • Ambiance
  • Amenities

A word, or fifty, about each of these.


You can pay a couple hundred dollars for a birthday party venue.  You can pay a couple thousand dollars for one.  There are all manner of locations you can choose from no matter what your budget is, so budget is not so much a factor as a way of setting limits for most people. If your budget is $2000, your choices have just diminished to those under $2000.  If your budget is $500, your choices diminish even more. Tarrant Events Center does offer their venue rental for half-days and full-days, with a price break, obviously, for half-days.  Check with venues in your area for half-day prices.


It would really bite if you threw a party and no one showed up.  Location is an important consideration, no only for the general ambiance of the area, but also for convenience in attending.  People generally do not want to drive over a half-hour for an event.  We are a fast-food, convenience, society, so holding your birthday party in a close-in, convenient, easy-to-access location is important.  Tarrant Events Center is conveniently located at a major intersection, easy to find and easy to travel to.


Ambiance has to do, mainly, with your vision of the party. If you want a party atmosphere for teens, you might choose one place. If you want an empty room, and you are going to provide the ambiance through decorations, that is quite another.  Tarrant Events Center gives you a blank canvas, and you paint the picture you envision.


Do not assume anything regarding amenities. We have known places that did not even include tables and chairs with their venue rentals.  Tarrant Events Center includes tables, chairs, linens, WiFi, a 10,000-watt sound system, six large monitors, ample parking, and a finished kitchen . . . plus one acre of shaded outdoor area.

A word about Tarrant Events Center

We are locally owned and operated, and that means we care about our Tarrant County neighbors.  We are the newest of the event venues in Tarrant County, and that means we will try harder to make your event a successful one.

Give us a call!  Listen as we tell you what we have to offer. Ask for a tour of the facilities.  We would love to host your next birthday party, whether you need a kids birthday party places, a teens birthday party places, or one for adults.

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