Anyone looking to hold a corporate party needing a corporate event venues really should read this article. Anyone looking for  party room rentals in the Fort Worth area, really should call Tarrant Events Center. We will explain both of those bold statements in this article. Call us for more information and/or a tour of Tarrant Events Center.

What we believe you should look for in party halls rentals

Let’s break your requirements down to a few simple issues for any party:

  • Centrally-located for easy attendee access
  • Ample parking plus overflow parking
  • Room for everyone to roam and stretch their legs
  • Good lighting
  • Good ambiance
  • Pricing within your budget
  • Unlimited options including BYOB and BYOF
  • Basics provided

A word or two about each of these, using Tarrant Events Center as a shining example.


Your corporate events must be easy to access.  Corporate employees love a good party, but are they willing to drive thirty miles for one? Tarrant Events Center is at the intersection of Denton Highway and Loop 820, easy to access from anywhere in Tarrant County.

Ample parking

It makes no difference how great your party is; people do not want to walk blocks to get to it. Make sure you can accommodate the vehicles of all of your attendees and yes, Tarrant Events Center has ample parking plus overflow.

Room to roam

Here’s a nice feature of Tarrant Events Center: we have the main venue hall plus over one acre of shaded outdoor area.  People love to get some fresh air during a party, love to go out for a smoke, or just to stretch their legs.

Good lighting

Pictures are a part of any party. Good lighting will make those pictures perfect reminders of a perfect evening of fun.

Good ambiance

Where would you like to have your corporate party, in a fifty-year old VFW hall, or a brand-new party hall venue like Tarrant Events Center?  Don’t bother, we already know the answer. And for those who th ink having the corporate party at the corporation is a good idea, we have one thing to say: Phooey!  No one wants to party where they work.


Tarrant Events Center offers all-inclusive pricing. There are no surprise fees with Tarrant Events Center. The price on your contract is the final price, period!

Unlimited options

At Tarrant Events Center we offer BYOB, BYOF, food trucks, caterers, whatever you want to do.  We have a kitchen if you need it. We have easy access for food trucks. We want you to have the party you want, so we give you unlimited options with features-benefits.

Basics provided

Tarrant Events Center includes tables, chairs, linens, audio and video equipment, cordless microphones, and a moveable stage. Those are the things any social event needs to be successful, and any venue should offer those.

A word or two about Tarrant Events Center

We are the newest event venue in the Fort Worth area, and that means we try harder to catch up with the competition. We are locally owned and operated, which means your party success is important to us.  Our owner and our management team is highly regarded in the Fort Worth area, and we invite scrutiny.

Give us a call and all us to make your corporate party an affair everyone raves about.

All Inclusive Pricing

Food Services Include BYOF, Food Trucks, or Caterer of Your Choice

1+ Acre Shaded Grassy Area for Outdoor Events


Rent our venue for your wedding event of 50-300 people.

Look at our suggested floorplans to give you ideas. We can customize to fit your needs.

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