What are you looking for in wedding venues?

Most people are looking for one of the following, or a combination of them:

  • Outdoor wedding venues
  • Indoor wedding venues
  • Affordable wedding venues
  • Local wedding venues
  • Best wedding venues

Our wedding venue offers all the above and accepts reservations up to a year in advance.

Let’s take a look at each of them and clarify the muddy waters a bit.

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Outdoor wedding venues

There is nothing more lovely than an outdoor wedding venue.  A lovely ceremony held under a blue sky, the birds are chirping as puffy white clouds float overhead, and all is right with the world . . . until it rains and the thunder rolls.  At that point your lovely outdoor wedding venue is not so lovely.  We offer the best of both worlds at Tarrant Events Center, an outdoor wedding venue AND an indoor wedding venue included in the price.

Indoor wedding venues

Indoor wedding venues and practical and they guarantee there will be no worries about the weather, but in the same breath they can be stuffy and confining and leave you with very few options.  Again, Tarrant Events Center offers the best of all worlds, an indoor wedding venue with an acre of lovely property outdoors, with picnic tables, so the guests can mill around outside after the ceremony.

All Inclusive Pricing

Food Services Include BYOF, Food Trucks, or Caterer of Your Choice

1+ Acre Shaded Grassy Area for Outdoor Events


Rent our venue for your wedding event of 50-300 people.

Affordable wedding venues

We will let you in on an industry secret: it isn’t the wedding venue that is costly, but rather the amenities you must pay for in addition to the venue.  Do you need caterers or a DJ or food trucks? Do you need a wedding planner or a decorator?  If you don’t sign a package deal with amenities included (some of which you won’t need but will pay for anyway) it is not hard to find affordable wedding venues.  Tarrant Events Center is a turnkey operation.  We provide the venue.  We offer all  inclusive pricing. Don’t pay for what you don’t need.   That makes our venue much more affordable than others in the Fort Worth area.

Local wedding venues

A local wedding venue is in the eye of the beholder.  What is local? Within the city? Within the county?  Within a twenty-five mile radius?  Our suggestion: find a venue which is centrally-located with easy access for your guests.

Look at our suggested floorplans to give you ideas. We can customize to fit your needs.

View our complete list of features and benefits included in your rental.

Best wedding venues

And finally, find the best wedding venue for the wedding party and the guests. What is the best wedding venue?  Only you can answer that, and that is why we recommend you begin your search at least a year in advance of the big event.  What would be heartbreaking is to find the best wedding venue, the wedding venue of your dreams, and have it not available on your wedding day.

About Tarrant Events Center

We do it all at Tarrant Events Center!  No matter what event you are holding, you can hold it at our event center at a price you can afford. Let us take away the stress of wedding planning.

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