Let’s talk about a thing or two of importance regarding an event space rental.  After all, we assume the event you are planning for is important, and we also assume the money you will spend for an event space rental is important to you, so take your time and pay attention to these important renting aspects.

We are the folks from Tarrant Events Center, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, so we know a thing or two about event space rentals.

When to start looking for a venue

The answer to this question is the same no matter what time of year your event will be held: the sooner the better.  Do not delay on this search.  A delay could severely narrow down your options and could cost you a higher rental fee.  As soon as you have a date for the event, and a budget decided upon, start your search for a venue rental.  At Tarrant Events Center we highly recommend planning at least a year in advance.


Location is somewhat of a subjective factor. Some organizers like to have their event on a major traffic route.  Others prefer a scenic, out-of-the-way venue.  If location is your priority, keep in mind that inflexibility will limit your options regarding budget.  Our Tarrant Events Center is easy to find at North Loop 820 and Hwy 377 (Denton Highway), 5230 Denton Highway.


This is a game-changer when looking for an event hall rental.  The whole point of an event is to have people attend. Those people need to be able to park their vehicles.  End of story on this point!  Tarrant Events Center offers venue parking as well as overflow parking, and you should expect nothing less than that at whatever venue you rent.


How many people do you believe will attend your event?  A general rule of thumb: plan for more!  Do you expect 200 in attendance?  Plan on an event venue which can handle 250; it is always better to be safe than sorry in event planning.

Tarrant Events Center offers the following for seating capacity:

  • From 50-300 guests
  • Banquet seating
  • Auditorium style seating


Services & Amenities

What services and amenities are included in the venue rental? Nail this one down early on and get it in writing.  If there is no food service included, or no linens included, or only cafeteria tables available, these are things you need to know asap.  For example, Tarrant Events Center has a 10,000 watt state of the art sound system, for your use, but you will quickly find that not every event center has that advanced of a sound system.


What will be happening at your event? Will you need a main auditorium plus a secondary meeting room? What kind of traffic flow do you need within the event center?  This is one of those considerations many event planners fail to check out, and it turns out to be fairly important once the event is happening.  And what about outdoors? Tarrant Events Center offers one acre of landscaped outdoor beauty, with picnic tables, giving you yet more options for your event.


How does the venue feel? What kind of vibes do you get from it, and do those vibes match the vibe you want at your event?


There is almost always insurance attached to any venue rental, but how much is that insurance? What does it cover? Nail this one down before you sign a rental contract.


This is one of those considerations which is often overlooked.  If you have speakers at your venue, or music, you don’t want poor acoustics. There are few things worse than a poor sound system or echoing in building during an event.


And finally, what is the cost and does it fit within your budget?  Remember, the earlier you begin your venue search, and the more flexible you are, the better the chance that you will find an event space rental for a great price.  Delay means added cost. In this case, the early bird truly does get the worm.

Questions?  Tarrant Events Center is your answer!

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Food Services Include BYOF, Food Trucks, or Caterer of Your Choice

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