The most common complaint we always hear about kids’ party places for rent is that they all come up short? This shouldn’t be surprising since there are 350 million people in the United States, and that means 350 million opinions on what a perfect kids party venues should look like.

What would you say if we told you we have a solution for this “shortage?”  At Tarrant Events Center in Fort Worth, Texas, we have looked at that one major complaint and we have found the solution.

Read on and find out what that solution is.

Fitting a square peg into a round hole

That’s basically what we are talking about when people rent a party venue rental. They have a vision of what their party will look like, but the party venues they look at all come up short. The chances of  party venues having everything anyone could want for a party are slim and none. We don’t say that to be demoralizing. We are simply speaking the truth based on our knowledge of the venue rental business.

Say your kid wants a Disneyland theme for their party, but there are no Disneyland party venues in your city. Instead, the parents rent out Chucky Cheese, a close alternative, reasonable, fun, but still not Disneyland.

Say your kid wants a football theme for his party, but there are no football teams or stadiums in our town available for a party? What are you going to do?  Most parents will compromise in some way, and that’s just the real of it.  Kids parties are all about compromise with regards to party venues, unless . . .

The only way to get that square peg into that round hole

Is to drill a new hole!

Let’s use that football theme for an example of our solution.  No football stadium available in our town – too bad for sure. What to do? What if you rented a party venue rental and turned it into a football stadium?  What if you ran tape along the floor and that tape became the yard stripes? What if you taped goal posts to the wall for the end zones? What if you hired people to be referees in striped shirts? What if the birthday cake was football-shaped? And what if you have the attendees play a football game with a nerf football? So what if you’re inside? It would still be a great way to throw a party for a football-lover.

Or the Disney theme? What’s to prevent you from renting costumes of Mickey Mouse and Aladdin?

All of this is possible at Tarrant Events Center

And it’s possible because Tarrant Events Center is a blank slate.  We rent the venue and you turn that venue into any vision you want.

It’s as easy as that!  We can give you a list of recommended food trucks and caterers. We can give you recommendations for a number of things which are party-related.  But the bottom line is this: your talent, your creativity, and your imagination will turn the event center into the party of your child’s dreams.

Call us!  We are in the dream business and we are eager to help!

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