Are you in need of a meeting room?  Is it important to you that the meeting room you rent impresses those who are attending? We can help. We are Tarrant Events Center in Fort Worth, Texas, and what we are about to tell you applies to meeting room searches across the country. Just search meeting rooms near me.

You have four main areas of concern when looking for a venue rental:

  • Location
  • Headcount
  • Amenities
  • Facility flexibility

Let’s look at each of those in some detail.


It is important that your meeting take place in an event space rental which is centrally located for your attendees.  Is this a crucial factor?  Certainly not, but convenience sets the early tone for a meeting. If your attendees have to travel to some obscure, out-of-the-way, hard-to-find location, they will most likely be in a poor mood before the actual meeting occurs, and poor moods are usually something most event planners like to avoid.  Tarrant Events Center is easy to find at North Loop 820 and Hwy 377 (Denton Highway), 5230 Denton Highway, a location which is easily accessible to all residents of Tarrant County.  Your event should be held in a similar location.


You have to have some notion of how many will be attending your meeting.  The actual figure will always be impossible to nail down with 100% accuracy, but you will need to have a ballpark idea when renting a meeting room.  Look for an event hall rental which gives you some leeway. For example, Tarrant Events Center has space for 10-275 attendees, and with that kind of flexibility you can breathe easy when planning a meeting.


W hat are you going to need for your meeting?  A sound system?  Video screens?  Cordless microphones?  Tables and chairs?  Tables for a luncheon, or auditorium seating? Do you need a caterer or a DJ?

The planning of every event is different. There is no playbook which takes into account the needs of every group looking to hold an event. That is why Tarrant Events Center is what is known as a turnkey event space rental.  We give you the basics, the tables, chairs, WiFi, audio and visual equipment, and then we leave the rest to you.  What we guarantee is that our location can handle anything you need in terms of a location,  and then you can negotiate for amenities.  We can give you recommendations for caterers and a DJ, but we leave that wheeling and dealing up to you.

Facility Flexibility

Do you need one room or three?  Do you need a main auditorium plus individual meeting rooms? How about indoor vs outdoor?  How about event parking plus overflow parking? The beauty of Tarrant Events Center is that we have you covered no matter what you are looking for in a meeting room venue.  And if you find a venue like Tarrant Events Center in your city, we strongly suggest you sign on the dotted line and reserve it ASAP.

Tarrant Events Center: We aren’t just a meeting room.  We are anything you need us to be!

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