If you are looking for a venue rental, take a deep breath and release it with a relaxed sigh, because we are all about to tell you about venues in Fort Worth. If you live in a city of any decent size, there are literally dozens of places for you to choose from.

That’s the good news!  The bad news is that you have a little work to do if you want to find the perfect event space rental for the price you are willing to pay.

We can help! We are Tarrant Events Center in Fort Worth, Texas, and even if you are not in Fort Worth, what we have to share will be valuable in your search.

What sort of event hall rental are you looking for?

We ask this question because you might be limiting your options by looking for a specific event room rental.  Looking for wedding venues is limiting.  Looking for cheap banquet halls or corporate event space is limiting.  Our recommendation: if you are looking for a party venue rental, do your search for a venue rental and not a party room rentals.  Read on for an explanation!

Most venue rentals are multi-purpose in nature

Other than specific churches obviously being wedding venues, most venue rentals can be used for a variety of purposes.  Tarrant Events Center is one such venue. We do not advertise our location as a particular type of event space.  We are simply an event space.  Period! What you do in our event space is your business.  We provide the basics including:

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Sound system
  • 6-50” monitors
  • Cordless microphones
  • WiFi
  • Event parking
  • Overflow parking
  • One acre of outdoor event space included

In other words, what we provide for a very reasonable fee is what you would need for practically any event you might be having.  We provide the blank canvas. We leave it to you to paint the picture. We provide a list of caterers if you should need them. We can recommend food truck vendors. We have a preferred list of DJ’s.  We can even put you in touch with people who will help you set up and take down, as well as servers for your event.  But our primary purpose is to provide you with a quality venue rental at a reasonable price.

Why do we do it that way?

Because you know what you want . . . because you have a vision and you don’t need us to complicate that vision . . . and because we can offer a fair pricing for the venue rental by leaving it up to you to negotiate for extra services.  You don’t pay for any package deals with Tarrant Events Center. All you pay for is what you originally set out to rent, a venue rental. Do with it as you will!

About Tarrant Events Center

We are easy to find at North Loop 820 and Hwy 377 (Denton Highway), 5230 Denton Highway.  We can accommodate from 10-275 guests.  We can handle any event.  And we offer all this at a price you can afford.

Need we say more?  Call us today and we will walk you through a painless process.