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It’s funny, but most people looking for adult birthday party places will look at taverns and nightclubs first and foremost. We think that’s the wrong approach, and the rest of the article is going to explain our thinking. We are Tarrant Events Center, Fort Worth front and center, and if it’s a quality venue rental you want in the Fort Worth area, it’s Tarrant Events Center you definitely want.

What makes a good birthday party for adults?

It seems to us, the basic ingredients to a good adult birthday party are the following:

  • Good guests
  • Good food
  • Good drinks
  • Fun entertainment/activities

It is our belief at Tarrant Events Center that if you have those four things, your adult birthday party can be held practically anywhere, and that’s an important distinction when it comes to keeping the price of your event space rental down.

Let’s look at each of those.

Good guests

This one is completely up to you.  It’s your birthday party. Who do you want to invite?  How many do you want to invite? What does your budget have to say about the number of guests you include?  We cannot advise you on this facet of planning a party, but we can suggest you spend some quality time making sure you don’t leave anyone off of your guest list who absolutely should be on it.

Good food

It is our suggestion that the food and beverage also be your responsibility.  The problem with having the party at a tavern or cocktail lounge is you are usually locked in, by contract, to serve their food, and that can be expensive.  If you find a place like Tarrant Events Center which allows you to

  • cook the food yourself
  • hire a caterer or
  • contract with food trucks,

and you can save considerable money and ensure that you eat the kind of food you like.

Good drinks

Same situation!  You can pay the tavern/cocktail lounge for the use of their bartender, or you can hire your own, usually at a discounted price.  Serve only wine and beer and you don’t even need a bartender.  Uncle Jake can easily pour for you during the party, and all you have to pay Jake is free drinks.

At Tarrant Events Center, you get to choose.  Supply your own drinks, hire a recommended bartender, buy your booze from whatever source you choose, it’s all up to you at TEC.

Fun entertainment/activities

Fun adult parties have fun games/entertainment.  Period!  There is always something happening which is hilarious.  A fun party is non-stop entertainment and laughs, so plan accordingly when you plan your party.

The bottom line

The bottom line is this: if you have those four priorities covered, it doesn’t make any difference where you have your adult party.  Tarrant Events Center can handle a party consisting of 10-275 guests. We can recommend caterers and food trucks and DJ’s and entertainers we have worked with in the past, but the decision is yours. We provide the basics i.e. tables, chairs, linens, WiFi, etc, and you turn all of that into a fun and memorable party.

Give us a call and let’s make it happen!