You have a variety of options when looking at inexpensive wedding venues.  That bit of information should relieve a certain amount of stress right off the bat. Let’s look at a few of those options and then we will give you our opinion of the best possible affordable wedding venues.

We are Tarrant Events Center, Fort Worth born and raised, and sharing our expertise about our venue rental is just one of the things we do well.  We are the event space rental experts, so ring us up for more information.

A variety of wedding venue options

Realistically speaking, practically any location can be called a wedding venue.  You could have your wedding in a public park.  You could have a wedding in banquet hall or in a local restaurant.  Heck, we know of someone in Portland, Oregon, who got married at a place called VooDoo Donuts.  Look it up.  It really exists and we are not making it up.

The point being this: you do not have to get married in a wedding chapel or a church.  Oftentimes those chapels are expensive.  And there are other problems as well.  The city may not approve of a wedding in one of their parks.  The state may not approve of a wedding at one of their parks.  Public sites are public and often cannot be used for private purposes.

You could get married in a theater or a baseball stadium or at the top of a tourist attraction like the Eiffel Tower, but those places also have inherent problems with availability and/or cost.

Your best affordable wedding venue option

Before we tell you what we consider the best option to be, stop and consider what you believe to be the necessities for a wedding venue.  You most likely will list the following:

  • An accessible site
  • Ample parking/availability
  • Chairs
  • Cordless mikes

That would be the bare necessities, correct?  No foo-foo with that list. That is down and dirty, thank you very much, and tip the pastor on the way out.

And that brings the discussion around to Tarrant Events Center, or a place like it in your city.  Down and dirty means a turnkey venue rental.  No fuss, no muss, in and out as cheaply as possible.  With Tarrant Events Center, or somewhere like it, you pay a flat fee for the use of the turnkey event space.  Tables and chairs are included in the reasonable price, as are WiFi, cordless mikes, audio equipment, video monitors, overflow parking, and indoor and outdoor space.  We leave everything else up to you. We leave the food up to you, the decorations up to you, and the music/entertainment up to you, and that means you have many options and ways to save money.

We are flexible and we are affordable, and if you don’t live in the Fort Worth area, you need to find a place like the Tarrant Events Center.  It is the only way to rent a venue rental under budget which does not include getting permission from the city or state.

Look us up! Check us out!  Follow our lead and advice, and finding an inexpensive wedding venue will be a piece of cake!

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