Looking for an event room rental in your area is a bit like looking for a particular piece of straw in a hay field.  There are a lot of them in any major city, and that is very true in the Fort Worth metropolitan area.  We are Tarrant Events Center, serving the Greater Fort Worth/Haltom City area, and we would like to help you to choose the perfect event space rental for your event. Give us a call and we will help you get this done to your satisfaction and talk to you about our features-benefits.

What type of event are you talking about?

This is a key question when it comes to renting an event room rental.  Are you looking for cheap banquet halls?  Are you looking for a party venue rental, or affordable wedding venues?  Maybe you need a place for a teen birthday party or an after-wedding party?

This becomes “a thing” because certain venues are only suitable for certain activities.  You certainly don’t want to hold a bachelor party in a church hall, do you?  You don’t want to hold a bridal shower at a cold, generic corporate events hall.

What you need is an event venue which perfectly fits your vision of the event you are holding.

But is that possible?

We think it is at Tarrant Events Center, or, if you are not in the Fort Worth area, any place similar to Tarrant Events Center.

What makes Tarrant Events Center so special?

That’s what this all boils down to, right? Why do we tout the benefits of a turnkey venue like Tarrant Events Center?  Well let’s look at a few reasons.

All-inclusive pricing quote

Unlike many special event venues, our all-inclusive pricing structure means you know the total facility cost up-front before you sign the contract. There are no contractual surprises with Tarrant Events Center. There are no last-minute additional fees.  You book in advance, you pay your fee, and you never hear another word from us about money. Case closed!

The flexibility to be anything you want in a venue

We are an event venue. It makes no difference what type of event you are holding. We can provide for it.  We have tables and chairs, a moveable stage, a finished kitchen, audio and video capabilities, WiFi, ample parking plus overflow parking, and over one-acre of shaded outdoor area.  You can do a BYOB event, you can arrange for a bartender, you can bring in a DJ, you can provide your own entertainment, and the same can be said about food i.e. food trucks, caterers, or cook it yourself.

New and motivated

We try harder because we are brand-spanking new.  We do things which established venues never thought of because we want you to notice us. We provided the best possible service because we want you to return to us and tell your friends about us.

We are highly motivated, and that is good for you.

Locally owned and operated

We are not some corporation headquartered in Los Angeles. We are Fort Worth born and raised, and that means down-home service for anyone from Texas. Texans take care of Texans, thank you very much, end of discussion.

Call Tarrant Events Center! Our quality event center has got you covered for all of your event room rental needs.