We have some suggestions if you are looking at reception venues, suggestions which can save you money.

Are you interested?

We are Tarrant Events Center, a premier venue rental in the Fort Worth area, serving all of Tarrant County, and we know a thing or two about reception venues and event space rental in general.

Let’s look at a couple of those event hall rental suggestions, shall we?

Double up on wedding and reception

How often have you gone to a wedding at one site and then driven to another venue for the reception?  It is a common practice, one which can cost more money.  Our first suggestion: combine the two hold them both at the same site.  Why?  To save money, of course, but also to make it easier on those who are attending.

How do you save money by doing this?  Oftentimes you can negotiate a better price on a venue if you are holding two events there.  We are not saying this is always the case, but we are saying it happens more often than you might know.  Think about it.  You go to one site, negotiate for a price, then go to the reception venue and negotiate a price completely separate from the first.  You are much more liable to get a price break from one place for two events that from two places for one event each.

Trust us! We know!

Besides that, your guests will be grateful that they don’t have to drive all over Hell’s Half Acre looking for the second site.

Logistic problems holding two events in one venue rental

Yes, there can be problems with this plan.  How do you set up for a wedding at one site while having that site ready for the reception immediately after the wedding?

Tarrant Events Center has that problem solved by being an indoor wedding venue as well as an outdoor wedding venue.  At our venue the wedding could be held outside and the reception inside.   Two separate venues, actually, at the same place, which takes care of the logistic problems.

How else can you save money?

Tarrant Events Center is what is known as a turnkey event venue. We offer the basics i.e. tables, chairs, linens, WiFi, etc, and then leave it up to you to negotiate for the amenities i.e. caterers, food trucks, bartender, DJ.  By doing that, you can find the best price possible for the extras, and thus save money.

Our philosophy at Tarrant Events Center is this:  we are experts at providing reception venues.  That is what we do.  We provide the space, but we make no claims to be expert at catering or providing entertainment or music or whatever else you want at your reception.  In fact, it is your vision and you are much more capable of achieving that vision than we are.  We can, of course, give recommendations, but the bottom line and final decision should be yours.

A wedding and a reception are too important to leave to amateurs.  Deal with someone like Tarrant Events Center for the basics, and then deal with pros in the amenity field who can provide what you want to make your event a smashing success.

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