wedding venues

We have no idea what your budget is as you look for affordable wedding venues in your area, but we do know, in the Fort Worth area, you must look at Tarrant Events Center, the new kid on the block in wedding venues.  Call us for pricing info and our friendly staff will answer all of your questions.

What does “affordable” look like in Fort Worth area?

Well shoot, you can get married just about anywhere, correct? So it’s feasible you could find a wedding venue for less than fifty bucks.  It’s also reasonable to assume you could rent a fancy-smancy place, some unique wedding venues, like some billionaire’s private island, or the ball stadium when the Texas Rangers aren’t playing a home game. Both might cost you over ten grand, but if you have the budget, why not?

Then there is the other 99% of people out there looking for an event space rental at a reasonable price, market value, something in the $1000-$3000 range, and in that price category we find Tarrant Events Center, the inexpensive wedding venues with style.

Half day and Full day Options

If you don’t need the wedding venue for the whole day, don’t rent it for the hole day. Why tack on an extra thousand to your expenses if you don’t need to? The average wedding lasts what, an hour?  Set up takes longer than the actual wedding but still, a half-day is more than enough time to get hitched. Why pay for a full-day?  We don’t believe you should at Tarrant Events Center. Talk to us about the hours included in half-day event hall rentals.

All Inclusive Pricing

Here’s where we start to separate ourselves from the crowd. We do not believe in hidden fees. Everything is up-front at Tarrant Events Center. The price we quote you on our pricing page on our website is the total price you will pay for your rental. We will not come to you later and say “oops, we goofed, we forgot to mention this other fee.”  What you see is what you get with Tarrant Events Center.

Full List of Amenities

We supply everything you need for a memorable wedding minus the food, entertainment, and decorations. We leave all that up to you.  We provide tables, chairs, linens, sound system, monitors, cordless microphones, and WiFi.  You arrange for food, booze, and entertainment.  It just works better that way for all concerned. We can recommend food trucks or caterers; we can recommend decorators; but it’s up to you to pull the trigger and hire out for those jobs.

About Tarrant Events Center

We are locally owned and operated. We are the newest event center in the Fort Worth area.  We try harder to make you happier than any other event center in the area because, well, we want your recommendation and we believe in neighbors doing right by other neighbors.  If that makes us unique, we embrace unique.

Call us and ask us about our pricing and hours.  Ask us as many questions as you need to ask about wedding venues Fort Worth, and arrange for a tour of Tarrant Events Center.  Let’s get this wedding scheduled and let’s make it the best darned wedding of the year in Fort Worth.