If you are looking for unique wedding venues, you have two options: you can either look for truly unique wedding  venues, or you can rent a traditional one and make it unique with your own personal touch.

This article will help you.  We are Tarrant Events Center, a premier event space rental serving the Greater Fort Worth area.  The information we share here is applicable for any wedding venue in any city, so read on.

Truly unique wedding venues

We have seen weddings take place at zoos. We have seen them at aquariums, state parks, National Parks, and on boats. We have indoor wedding venues in museums, and we have seen outdoor wedding venues in theme parks and amusement parks.  We have seen cheap wedding venues on a local beach, and we have seen expensive wedding venues in a Broadway theater.

You name it, we’ve probably seen it, and they were all amazing and all memorable.

You can certainly go that route for a wedding ceremony venue.  All you need is your imagination and the determination to make it happen.  In fact, the list of possibilities is only limited by your imagination, so if you choose this route, thing big and think wild.

Traditional wedding venues made unique

Your second option is to rent a traditional wedding venue, like Tarrant Events Center, and then transform it into something unique.  We are totally down with that if that’s the route you want to take.  Let us share a couple thoughts about this approach:

  • Plan early
  • Plan boldly
  • Stay away from wedding planners if you want bold and unique

Plan early

We cannot overemphasize this enough.  Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking.  Planning a unique wedding and making a traditional venue rental look unique requires the advanced planning of a D-Day Invasion.  We suggest you start at least a year in advance.  A circus-themed wedding does not just happen.  Obtaining the services of clowns and trapeze artists requires foresight and time, not to mention gathering up the lions and tigers.

Plan boldly

You are only limited by your imagination.  We believe that at Tarrant Events Center.  We provide the building. We provide the tables and chairs and parking. We provide the audio/visual equipment.  After that, we turn you loose to make our space into any theme you can dream of.

Why stay away from wedding planners?

What’s wrong with wedding planners?  They cost money, and in the case of a unique wedding, they can’t do anything that you can’t do if you have determination and pluck. Why pay for imagination when you are filled with it?  Besides, one of the most formidable expenses of any wedding is paying for a wedding planner and all of the amenities.  Again, why pay for something you can accomplish with a little help from your friends?

About Tarrant Events Center

We are not wedding planners.  What we are is a quality event space rental which provides you with a blank palette.  You then come in and paint whatever beautiful picture you want.  We provide you wedding venues DFW at  fair pricing, and you negotiate for all other costs, thus saving money and rocking it with your creativity.