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It’s a little tricky doing Google searches for affordable wedding venues in the Fort Worth area, mainly because of the word “affordable.”  What is affordable to one person, or to the Google gods, for that matter, would not be affordable for another person or for you.  Unfortunately, there is no way to narrow down your search parameters when doing a Google search, so you just have to plug away, make the phone calls, and gather information.

And that is what this article is about: information gathering about one of the newest luxurious, high-quality wedding ceremony venues in the Fort Worth/Tarrant County area, Tarrant Events Center, located at 5230 Denton Highway in Fort Worth. Read this article and then call us for more information about pricing, availability, and amenities.

Because there are so many wedding venues in the Fort Worth area, it helps to enter into your search with a game plan, and that is what we can help you with in this article.  Take the following approach as you begin your search of wedding venues Fort Worth.

A list to guide you during your search

Decide upon these factors before you begin your search:

  • Number of people attending
  • The wedding theme, if any
  • Who will be doing the decorations?
  • Will there be food at the wedding venue?
  • Your working budget

Let’s take a quick look at each of these before looking at local wedding venues.

Number of people

You can’t come up short for space.  You have to have a good idea of the number who will be attending, not only for the indoor seating but for the parking space needed. Estimate too low and you’ll have an embarrassing problem the day of the wedding. Tarrant Events Center can handle up to 300 people in our state-of-the-art wedding venue.

Wedding theme

A wedding theme will mean more expense, so keep that in mind.  A Star Wars wedding is going to present problems, so keep that in mind as well.  Remember, your search is for an affordable wedding venue, so everything special you add to your “vision” is going to cost extra.  Tarrant Events Center is a blank canvas. We provide you with an empty space and allow you to come in and transform it any way you want.


Again, decorations cost money, but in your search for budget wedding venues, remember that you save money by doing the decorations yourself.  At Tarrant Events Center we invite you, and encourage you, to do the decorating yourself to save money.


We do not cater at Tarrant Event Center. Some venues do, but remember, by accepting the catering of an event center, you are limiting your options and you are paying an arm and a leg for them to prepare the food. We provide a quality kitchen and an area for a bar.  We leave the actual food preparation up to you, or we can give you the names of great food trucks we have worked with before.


Set a budget and stick with it. No matter what your budget is, there is a wedding venue available in Fort Worth which will fit in that budget.  Our prices are on our website for half-day and full-day rental. All we can say is our prices are reasonable and fair, and once you sign the contract there will be no hidden fees.

Call us and we will work with you to make your wedding event memorable and affordable.