“Halls for rent” is what we do at the Tarrant Events Center, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, so allow us, in this article, to point out some factors you will need to consider before you sign a contract for an event hall rental.

Plan Early for Event Space Rental Like Tarrant Events Center

We cannot emphasize this enough: the sooner you begin planning the event, and the sooner you start looking for venue rental, the better.

The problem is not in finding halls for rent.  In any city of any decent size, there are dozens of halls for rent available to you, and even on short notice it is possible to rent one of them.  No, the problem arises in finding the specific hall for rent which meets your specific needs.

Begin by making a working outline of the event itself.  How many activities will be occurring?  How many rooms will you need for those activities?  How many people will be attending?  Will you need a caterer?  How much parking will you need?  Will you need outdoor facilities as well as indoor?  Do not rush this process.  Until you know exactly what will be happening, it is impossible to start your search for a venue for your event.

Once the Event Has Been Planned

Now it is time for the action step: finding the event venue which is perfect for your needs.

Does perfect exist?  It is our experience that it does not.  Remember, most, if not all, venue sites are generic, multi-purpose event halls.  Many, like the Tarrant Events Center, do not have cafeterias but instead encourage the hiring of caterers or the use of food trucks.  Many will be short on meeting rooms, or have too many meeting rooms.  Many will have adequate primary parking but no overflow parking.  Many have a set-up staff, but many do not.

For example, Tarrant Events Center offers the facility, located at North Loop 820 and Hwy 377 (Denton Highway), 5230 Denton Highway.   We have tables and chairs, Wi-Fi, big-screen monitors, and audio-visual equipment.  We do not have a set-up staff and we do not offer food services . . . and truthfully, we believe this is the best approach to event planning.  Every event is different.  An event hall which is multi-purpose cannot be everything to everybody.  What it can be . . . what it should be . . . is an attractive, functional, professional site which exudes quality and will add to the ambiance of any event held in it. That is what we provide at Tarrant Events Center because that is what we believe.  We can suggest caterers and/or food trucks we have worked with before. We can certainly suggest reliable DJ’s and even professional MC’s.

The Cost of conference facilities like Tarrant Events Center

There is no easy answer to this question about cost.  It will depend on the facility itself and the amenities needed which will be contracted out to other suppliers.  Supply and Demand play a part in the pricing of halls for rent.  In a city of decent size, like in the Fort Worth area, most halls for rent are priced competitively.  They must be within a certain price range or they would never be rented.  Shop around.  Tarrant Events Center offers a very simple, competitive pricing package.  Any amenities we don’t offer, we can make suggestions where you can acquire them. Ask around.  Plan early and try negotiating.  The early bird . . . the determined bird . . . will always get the best worms available.

Tarrant Events Center, at your service!  We make “hall renting” easy.

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