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Over one-acre of landscaped, park-like grounds available at Tarrant Events Center.

Think about what that means because, trust us, it is unusual among event venues:

  • Safety from the weather if you planned an outdoor event
  • The freedom to use both indoor and outdoor venues
  • Guests will have a lovely area to stroll, take a break, during the event

Safety from the weather

Yes, this is Fort Worth we’re talking about, the Land of Extremes.  It can be hotter than Hades, it can rain cats and dogs, or it can shock us with a cold front and freeze our tooties.

To all event planners out there: beware of the weather when planning your wedding, birthday party, reception, or anniversary.

Tarrant Events Center eliminates concerns about the weather.  Go ahead, plan an outdoor event; if it rains, or if it is too hot, you’ll have the indoor venue available.  Go ahead, plan an indoor event; if your guests need to stretch their legs, they have that option.

Freedom for indoor and outdoor events

Flexibility is so important when planning an event. What happens if this problem arises? What can we do if that problem arises? The more options you have, the better-prepared you are no matter what happens, and Tarrant Events Center is all about options.  You could have an indoor wedding and an outdoor reception at our location, or vice versa.  You could have the birthday party food indoors and the birthday party games and activities outdoors.

It’s all about options and choices, something we provide in abundance.

Lovely area for event breaks

If you use our lovely, landscaped grounds for nothing more than a great five-minute stroll on a lovely spring evening, that’s an option many event venues do not have.  We think it is a lovely bonus for any event.

And the nicest thing about this one-plus acre of landscaped grounds . . . it doesn’t cost you a dime over the contracted price.  It’s one-acre of added pleasure for no additional cost.

How cool is that?

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