Conference facilities, also known as conference halls or event space rental, are usually large halls used for singular events such as corporate events, party venues, or wedding events.  They typically provide banquet seating, auditorium-style seating, Wi-Fi, audio-visual equipment, and other amenities.

Let’s use our own conference facility, the Tarrant Events Center, as an example for the rest of this article about corporate events.

 Amenities Offered For A Venue Rental at Tarrant Events Center

Food & Beverage

  • Use your own caterers (we can also provide a list)
  • Use of food trucks to minimize food costs
  • Bar if needed (ask for rules on serving liquor)


  • 10,000 watt state of the art sound system
  • Your personal photo slideshow displayed on our (6) 50” large monitors throughout facility
  • Personalized message displayed on framed vertical monitors
  • Use a DJ or not (we can furnish a list)
  • Play your playlist from Spotify, or Pandora
  • Cordless microphones
  • Wi-Fi available

The Venue

  • Can accommodate small groups or up to 300 guests
  • Lots of paved parking, and plenty of overflow parking
  • A one acre treed lot for outdoor activities, includes picnic tables
  • Private venue
  • Cocktail tables, or other tables and chairs as needed for different types of events
  • One hour before event set-up access included
  • Competitive pricing
  • Easy to find at North Loop 820 and Hwy 377 (Denton Highway), 5230 Denton Highway.

The Cost Of Event Space Rental

As you might expect, the cost of an corporate event venue will depend upon a base cost plus whatever extra amenities you might need for your event.  Start with the base corporate meeting rooms cost.  Add the cost of the caterers. Any laborers needed to set up the event are also considered an extra cost, as is any entertainment desired.

The base cost can fluctuate greatly depending on where you are located. At Tarrant Events Center we offer the a turnkey venue for your event. We do not force you to use our vendors.

How To Choose A Conference Facility

Choosing a corporate meeting space is a big decision for anyone looking to host a conference or series of meetings. The facility will set the tone early on and throughout the event. Even for internal meetings, employees want to be impressed by the time and effort their company took to plan an event like a training or skill building workshop. The importance doubles with external events.  Even though everyone would like to hold their conference at the most high-end conference center or swankiest hotel in town, this is not always a possibility due to availability, budget or location.

Plan as far in advance as possible to increase your options regarding a venue.  Last minute decisions to hold an event will severely limit your choices.  Many firms find it advantageous to establish a working relationship with one particular venue.  This way the odds rise regarding availability in the future.

Budget is often the largest deciding factor is choosing the venue. Many hotels and conference centers will have packaged deals that include snacks or meals for participants, which can reduce the overall cost compared to bringing in a separate caterer. But you are restricted to their catering cost. Fortunately we at Tarrant Events Center have a very simple, competitive rental fee and do not nickel and dime you for add-ons.