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The event you are planning is your event and your vision.  The owners and management of Tarrant Events Center understand that simple point, and because we understand it, you are able to make that vision a reality.

This becomes quite obvious when talking about food and beverages.

Do you want catering flexibility? We offer multiple food & beverage options including an unrestricted choice of professional caterers, access to trendy chef-inspired food trucks, or even the flexibility of preparing and serving the food yourself; all giving you a wider variety of menu-options, greater freedom in planning and preparation, and potentially cutting thousands of dollars from the total event cost.

Let’s look briefly at each of these:

  • Caterers
  • Food trucks
  • Do it yourself

Professional catering

Perhaps you do not have the time, the expertise, or the desire to prepare the food yourself.  No problem! We have worked with some of the best catering companies in Tarrant County, and we can give you a list of them.  You then negotiate, with them, to find the best product at the best price.

Food trucks

Not just any food trucks, but trendy chef-inspired food trucks we have dealt with in the past. They are quick, they are easy, and the spectrum of food- choices is quite large.

Ask us for a list of food trucks we’ve spoken to, though we don’t guarantee their performance or negotiate with them or take any commission. Any truck serving the facility must have a Tarrant County permit plus one other DFW city permit displayed on the their truck. Haltom City does not issue or require a Haltom City permit of any type to serve our facility. Food Truck Vendor Requirements

Do it yourself

If you have the time, if you have the talent, and if you have the desire, this option is certainly open to you with our finishing kitchen at Tarrant Events Center. Save big by preparing the foods yourself.

Finishing kitchen complete with a:

  • Warming Area
  • Large Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Ice

Use whomever you like. But if you are looking for a caterer or food truck, visit a list of area vendors on our website.