event center offers choice of bar service, including TABC trained bar tenders for corporate holiday party.

On the topic of alcohol . . .

Alcohol can be a major event expense and a logistical nightmare. We understand that, and we think we have several options which will alleviate any concerns you have about serving alcohol at your event.

At the Tarrant Events Center, you decide if and how you want to handle serving alcoholic beverages at your event.


BYOB is the acronym for bring your own bottle. This means guests are free to bring their alcoholic beverage of choice. Of course, certain rules and regulations apply. Is is the least expensive option for serving alcohol at your event and we offer you several choices for BYOB.

  • You purchase and provide the alcoholic beverages for your event.
  • Your guests bring their own beer, wine, or alcoholic beverages to the party. You can provide the setups and do self serve.
  • Another option is to have us serve the *setups only (*soft drinks, water, mixers, garnishes)

(Specific rules, regulations & fees may apply…call for details.) 

Other Alcohol Options

We can complement your elegant shindig with a formal cash or client-hosted full-bar complete with professional, TABC-trained bartenders. Or, choose a beer and wine only bar for a less formal gathering.

Satisfied Customers

In other words, we give you options at Tarrant Events Center, and options increase the chances that you will walk away from your rental experience, with us, a satisfied customer. That’s our goal!

Your satisfaction is the rudder which steers the good ship Tarrant Events Center!  Sit down with us. Tell us what your vision is for your event.  We have suggestions, we have experience, and we have options!  This is, after all, your event, not ours!