So many options

While we were researching various event space rentals, during our planning stage, we discovered one of the main complaints among event planners was the lack of flexibility in existing event hall rentals.  Planners would have a specific vision for their event, but that vision had to be adjusted because of the constraints of the event space.  And one of the chief constraints was the existence of a permanent stage, usually located at one end of the event room, perfect for those sitting close to it, but far from perfect for those sitting in the back of the hall during the event.

Not so at Tarrant Events Center!

With portable, 4’ x 8’ stage sections, you choose how big it should be. Make it as large or as small as you want and leave enough room on the stained concrete floor for dancing, for tables, or for presentation displays. You might decide not to have a stage at all, and that’s OK too. We will customize the venue to suit your needs.  With over ten floor plans, we have the ability to adjust to your vision, which is a one-eighty in philosophy from most event room rentals, where your vision is compromised by a structured, inflexible floor plan.

Consider what that means for your event

Decide how big you want the stage, up to 12′ x 16′. The stage is in 4′ x 8′ sections. And if you have no need for a stage, at Tarrant Events Center, it will simply disappear.

Your vision – our goal!