Fort Worth Event Hall Rental for holiday parties

Options – we are all about options at TEC

Any discussion about an event hall rental must begin with this simple fact: not all events are the same.  In fact, rarely are two events the same over a calendar year.  One event may need banquet tables. One may need cafeteria-style tables, while another will need no tables at all.

We understand that fact at Tarrant Events Center.

Whether you’re having a seated dinner, a seminar, or a reception, we have the right furniture and equipment for your event. From standard banquet tables to cocktail tables and beyond, you will have the choice of tables, along with a variety of setup styles to suit your event.

We work to make your vision come true; we don’t ask you to adjust your vision to meet our rigid floor plan because we have no rigid floor plan.

The right tables coupled with the right floor plan

We have over ten floor plans to choose from, specific floor plans designed for banquets, weddings, receptions, conventions, birthday parties, or corporate meetings.  Tarrant Events Center is not a wedding center per se; it is not a party venue or a reception venue or a banquet venue; it is all of these things on any given day, depending upon your specific needs and your specific vision.  You tell us what your vision is regarding tables, and we will make it happen.  You tell us what your vision is regarding the placement of those tables, and the related floor plans, and we can make that happen.

Flexibility and the desire to get it right – that’s what Tarrant Events Center is all about!