event center rentals

While doing research, in our pre-planning stage of construction, we heard that event guests often complained that they were too far from the stage and could not see, adequately, what was happening.  We also heard another common complaint, that the sound system was inadequate.

Can you imagine going to the bother of planning an event, and setting up for an event, only to have that event fall short of desired goals because the sound system and audio equipment were sub-par?

Our Audio Video System

TEC has an installed an Audio and Distributed Video system that will allow you to present your audio/video content on any or all of the (6) 65” TV’s, or through the speaker/sub-woofer system. It includes:

Audio System

  • Distributed performance loudspeaker system with (2) 18” sub-woofers.
  • Portable Audio Equipment rack that can be connected to the system in (2) locations; the center column, or behind the stage wall. Note: audio from video is available at only the center column position.
  • The equipment rack contains:
    • A 16 ch Yamaha mixer with effects
    • Two wireless mic systems that can be used either as a handheld systems or Bodypack Lav systems
    • Connection for a music source via a supplied 1/8 connector.  Note if planning on using an apple product you will need to supply the apple to 1/8 dongle to connect to the system

Video system

  • (6) 65” TVs; (4) in the main room and one in each of the VIP breakout areas. The TV’s all receive/broadcast the same signal.  This signal can come from either the house cable TV system or a client provided laptop via a connection located at the stage (1920×1080 resolution).

Whether it’s business or pleasure, the facility is equipped with everything you need for professional looking presentations and great-sounding musical entertainment. Equipped with high-definition audio visual equipment that’s hassle-free and easy to operate, our facility will put to rest fears of missing cords or bad mics. And with concert-type acoustical sound panels installed in the main hall, and a flexible stage setup, you’re sure to look and sound good whether you’re presenting a PPT or singing along with the band.

Couple that with the flexibility we offer

Over ten floor plans and a movable stage, coupled with state-of-the-art audio and video system, means there isn’t a bad seat in the house at Tarrant Events Center.  Your event attendees will leave your event raving about the high-quality and enjoyable experience.

And isn’t that what an event is all about?