renting a convention center

Have you ever attended an event which included a video?  Have you ever sat towards the back, with the video screen up front, and had a very hard time hearing or seeing the video?

Most of us have experienced that at one time or another.

At Tarrant Events Center, we think that is unacceptable.

Easily project your message or PPT presentation onto a screen and/or on all 10 television monitors mounted throughout the facility. The latest in audio visual equipment ensures a clear, vivid image of your detailed budget, family photo album, or informational video, and multiple screens and monitors ensure it can be easily and clearly seen throughout the facility by everyone.

No matter where you sit in our facility, no matter which floor plan you choose, there is not a bad “seat in the house” at Tarrant Events Center.

Our Audio Video System

Audio System

  • Distributed performance loudspeaker system with (2) 18” sub-woofers.
  • Portable Audio Equipment rack that can be connected to the system in (2) locations; the center column, or behind the stage wall. Note: audio from video is available at only the center column position.
  • The equipment rack contains:
    • A 16 ch Yamaha mixer with effects
    • Two wireless mic systems that can be used either as a handheld systems or Bodypack Lav systems
    • Connection for a music source via a supplied 1/8 connector.  Note if planning on using an apple product you will need to supply the apple to 1/8 dongle to connect to the system

Video system

  • (10) 65” TVs; (4) in the main room and one in each of the VIP breakout areas. The TV’s all receive/broadcast the same signal.  This signal can come from either the house cable TV system or a client provided laptop via a connection located at the stage (1920×1080 resolution).

Further audio video needs can be provided through our relationship with a production rental house on an a la carte basis.  They can provide cameras, video switchers, streaming systems, lighting packages and  engineers to allow for a worry-free show, as desired.

We spared no expense when we installed the audio/visual equipment, simply because we want every event held at Tarrant Events Center to be the type of event guests will talk about for months afterwards.

Give us a call! Arrange for a tour! We hold the key to your next successful event.