Large LED TVs for your video

If you have ever been a part of planning an event, you surely remember the hassle of unloading your event product, decorations, and other items which are crucial for the event proper.  It seems, at some venues, as though this aspect of event-planning was forgotten when designing the building, but not so at Tarrant Events Center.

The typical nightmare scenario of set-up and take-down

It goes something like this: you arrive at the event venue, ready to set-up for your event.  You are faced with a number of potential hindrances. Either the front door is too narrow, making it very difficult to carry large items into the venue, or there are stairs to navigate, or there is no unloading space near the building, meaning multiple trips with items over a large expanse of parking lot.

Now consider Tarrant Events Center

A large, 8’ x 9’ ground-level opening allows you to just drive right up to the door and unload your car, van, or truck. No tight doorways to get through or heavy doors to prop open. No stairs to climb or high docks to drive up to.

Bottom line is this:  We know what it’s like to set-up or take-down for an event. Been there, done that, and we have no desire to make it any harder on you than necessary.  Tarrant Events Center is all about convenience.  You drive up, you empty your vehicle, and you drive away.  When it’s time to take down, you drive up, you load your vehicle, and you drive away.

It couldn’t be simpler or more convenient!