affordable wedding venues

It is time to plan for the Big Day, the wedding, and you are considering renting one of the many luxurious, beautiful all-inclusive wedding venues Fort Worth.  Without a doubt there are many to choose from, and without a doubt they offer some great rental packages.

And, without a doubt, they are costly!

We are Tarrant Events Center and we are NOT an all-inclusive wedding venue.  For the remainder of this article, we are going to tell you why we believe our approach to wedding venues is one to consider.  Call us for more information after you read this article.

What is an all-inclusive wedding venue?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the decisions involved in wedding planning, and can’t stand the idea of DIYing anything? Good news! There’s an option available that may ease your stress considerably—an all-inclusive wedding venue. Yes, these all-inclusive wedding venues are exactly like they sound: all. inclusive. That means not only is your wedding venue taken care of, in many cases your catering, cake, décor, DJ, and everything in between are covered, too. Hotels, country clubs, and banquet halls are typically all-inclusive venues, but lots of other types of wedding venues in your area may be all-inclusive.

How Tarrant Events Center is different

The main difference is this: we plan nothing! We rent the wedding venue . . . period!  Included in that rental are chairs, tables, sound system, video monitors, WiFi, room for 300, two VIP rooms, an industrial-sized kitchen, and one-acre of landscaped property (for those wanting indoor wedding venues or outdoor wedding venues).  We do not include a chef, a bartender, entertainment, set-up crew, take-down crew, entertainment, DJ, décor, none of that.

Two reasons why we think our approach is best

We believe our simple approach is best because:

  1. It is less expensive
  2. It gives you the freedom to create any kind of ambiance you want

Let’s look at each of those in a little more detail.


Our prices range from $850-$2500, depending upon whether you rent a half-day or a full-day, and which day of the week you rent.  Compare those prices with our competitors. There is a very good reason why we advertise our site among the inexpensive or  affordable wedding venues . . . because we are affordable when compared to all-inclusive wedding venues in the Fort Worth area.

Yes, there are added expenses doing it our way.  Yes, you will pay for a caterer and entertainment and decorating, but you will be free to find the best price for all of those things, or you will be free to do them yourself and thus save big money.  It is not unheard of for people to pay $10,000 or more for wedding venues. We are certain you will agree that our approach is less-expensive and reasonable.

Freedom to plan

Which brings us to the second argument in favor for our approach: you have freedom to create what you want to create.  Yes, it requires a little extra work for you, but in the end you will have the absolute exact wedding you always dreamed of, at a fraction of the cost you would pay for an all-inclusive wedding venues package.

Call us!  We are ready to take your reservation!