small wedding venues

This article is not going to be about cheap small wedding venues. Instead we will talk about affordable wedding venues, or inexpensive wedding venues.  Those two just sound nicer than any search with the word “cheap” in it.

We are Tarrant Events Center serving the Greater Fort Worth area, and yes, we are an inexpensive wedding venue. We are also your best option in the Fort Worth area if you are looking to cut expenses and save for a rainy day.  Call us for more information.

You do not have to sacrifice on the “bling” with an affordable wedding venue

This is the first thing we want you to understand regarding local wedding venues which are not expensive. Saving money does not mean “cheapening” your nuptial event.  It is still quite possible to have a luxurious wedding and make it an affordable wedding venue.


That’s what we are going to tell you, using Tarrant Events Center as an example.  There are three main ways to save money on a wedding venue:

  • Save money on the date
  • Save money on the location
  • Save money on the amenities and extras

Let’s look at each of these in-depth!

Saving money on the date of the wedding

It stands to reason that “peak season” means more people prefer to get married during that window of April-June, and increased demand, according to the Laws of Supply and Demand, means higher prices.  Those who lease social event venues know this, and they price accordingly.  You will, on average, pay 25% more for a wedding venue in May than you will for the same venue in October.

Plan early, reserve early, and reserve off-season.

Saving money on the location of the wedding

Very popular local wedding venues are going to cost more than those not as well known.  This just stands to reason.  An example: many people want to get married at a professional baseball park.  You better believe that stadium will be expensive.  Maybe there is a location well-known for a wedding in a popular movie. Again, that location will be more expensive than a place like Tarrant Events Center.  We don’t try to dazzle you with our pedigree. We just try to dazzle you with our quality and service, and quality and service do not cost you extra at Tarrant Events Center.

Saving money on the amenities

One fact most people are not aware of regarding wedding venues: the main expense is not the venue; the main expense is the cost of music, food, entertainment, flowers, decorations, etc.

We are aware of that at Tarrant Events Center. That is why we are known as a turnkey event center. We charge you for our venue rental and we provide the basics you would need for any event i.e. tables, chairs, linens, WiFi, audio system, etc.  We leave the procurement of food, music, and decorations up to you.  Yes, we can recommend food trucks or caterers or DJ’s, people we have worked with in the past, but we leave it up to you to negotiate the best price you can find, thus saving money.

Add it all together and you get this conclusion:  cheap wedding venues do not need to be sparse, and they do not need to appear cheap.

Call Tarrant Events Center! We’ll show you how to get it done on a budget.